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Olympus Master 1.x Upgrade

Product: Olympus Master 1.x Upgrade [ change ]
Operating System: Apple® Macintosh™

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Downloads Available:
Upgrade OLYMPUS Master/OLYMPUS Master Plus to Version 1.42 (January 2006)
New features will be New features will be added following the upgrade including:
  • Support for displaying new scene modes ("NATURE MACRO" and "UNDERWATER SNAPSHOT") in Properties.

How to upgrade OLYMPUS Master version 1.2.1
The following are the features and benefits of upgrading from Olympus Master 1.0 or 1.1 to Olympus Master 1.2.1:
  • Compatibility with the IR-300
  • Support for the S-DVD-100, including Imagemixer support
  • Update Software and Web Links Menu added
  • Online Print function added
  • The function to display the images within subfolders all together added (in the [Transfer Images from Media] window and folder tree of any window)
  • Calendar backup added to backup images to CD/DVD. (Plus version only ). Images backed up can be automatically displayed
  • Image display speed improved

  • Shop the Olympus Store Lifeproof.