Romantic Portraits - How to Capture Your Love

Shallow depth of field example

1. Shallow depth of field can direct viewer’s eyes to the subject and soften everything else. This is effective when you shoot a narrative image.

2. Use backlight as main light so it diffuses the scene to a soft and romantic feel. Sunlight is great for this (but do not look directly into the sun through the lens).

3. Candle and dimmed light create a romantic/sensual mood. Pay attention to your highlights and lowlights and watch for shadows on your subject. Check your camera’s built-in Scene Modes to best capture your subject.

4. Sunset and sunrise are good times to create romantic photos. The warm colors echo candlelight. City illumination can also provide a unique contrast to your romantic subjects and make for an interesting composition.

5. Try using in-camera creative Art Filters to soften your image. Olympus’ Pale and Light Art Filter and Soft Focus Filter create gorgeous, romantic shots.

'What do you love?' example

6. What do you love? What does your special someone love? Use props (for instance, a piano or a flower) as a focal point of the image. Other people may not understand the significance of the prop, but it can be a personal message to your loved ones.

Lace example

7. Lace gives your subject a feminine touch. White color also works to create a more romantic feeling.

8. Do you have gel lights and/or sheets? If not, buy a light bulb with red, pink and/or orange to light the room in a romantic tone. Tungsten light is also good. Use a slow shutter to get the maximum effect. However, with your slow shutter speed, make sure you have a stable surface (such as a tripod) to shoot with.

9. Catch the perfect moment. Your loved one’s facial expression is everything!

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