Olympus Corporation’s basic operating premise has always been that a win-win relationship with the various stakeholders involved – including customers, employees, shareholders, vendors, and local communities as well as the global environment – will allow us to achieve sustainable growth and create new value through our business. Our corporate slogan "Your Vision, Our Future" symbolizes our desire to achieve these goals and build a better future with all stakeholders, and forms the basis for our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities.
Preserving the global environment is an extremely critical issue for the sustainable growth of society. The Olympus Group’s Basic Environmental Plan, developed as a mid-term 3-year program, places greater emphasis on measures to conserve resources and save energy as a means of reducing greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, we are making efforts to realize dual management targets of corporate growth and global environmental preservation through the promotion and introduction of our environmentally conscious Eco-product line of endoscopes, microscopes, and cameras as well as the recycling of rechargeable batteries.

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