Environmental Practices

Olympus Corporation of the Americas (Center Valley, Pensylvania)

Olympus of the Americas headquarters

Olympus Corporation of the Americas relocated to Pennsylvania’s Lehigh Valley in 2006. In designing its new headquarters, Olympus incorporated several U.S. Green Building Council Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) features into the project:

  • positioning of the buildings around the edge of Lake Thomas to protect the open habitat
  • utilizing glass facades and open work spaces to enhance employee views of our natural surroundings and introduce daylight to building interiors
  • installing an underfloor air distribution system for localized ventilation rates and thermal control
  • utilizing occupancy sensors and task lighting to promote controllable illumination levels
  • including indigenous plant species in the landscaping and hands-free faucets and toilet flush valves to reduce water consumption
  • implementing collection systems to recycle office paper, beverage containers, corrugated cardboard and electronic scrap
  • using ozone-friendly chemicals in all HVAC and fire suppression systems
  • installing exterior lighting fixtures that minimize night sky pollution
  • encouraging alternate transportation to the site by offering bicycle storage lockers
  • incorporating recycled materials in the playground equipment at our on-site Child Care Center
Olympus HQ's CafeteriaOlympus HQ's Playground

Olympus America Inc. (San Jose, California)

The National Service Center (NSC) in San Jose is involved in the servicing of our endoscopes. An ISO 14001-certified facility, the NSC has recently been focusing efforts on its significant environmental aspects including electronic waste (E-waste) and employee-induced vehicle air emissions.

Olympus San Jose celebrates World Environment Day

Since 1998, the NSC has had a very active E-waste recycling program for end-of-life medical equipment (endoscopes) and their associated monitors, computers, light sources, cables, circuit boards, printers and other ancillary devices. This E-waste is collected at various locations throughout the NSC, prior to shipping to a contracted processing facility where it is appropriately segregated, shredded and recovered for recycling by metal smelting and plastic reprocessing.

Beginning in 2005, an Olympus-sponsored car pool program was initiated to reduce commuter vehicle air emissions in the Bay Area. Employees participated in a zip code matching system which connected interested car pool candidates, and reserved car pool slots were provided to encourage participation. As part of a World Environment Day celebration in June 2006, the NSC expanded the program by facilitating mass transit programs.

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