EndoAlpha - Service Solutions

Ensure maximum uptime and a long system life with service plans that work.

EndoAlpha - Service Solutions

Understanding our solutions can enhance your success . . .
Our team is ready to serve you. With a national service team and toll-free Technical Assistance Center, Olympus is dedicated to your needs and available to provide assistance, train a new hire, or upgrade your system. Offering a variety of service plans to choose from, each is designed to provide you with peace of mind and the appropriate level of maintenance and support.

Got questions? Our representatives are here to answer your questions.

What our customers are saying...

“Our beautiful ENDOALPHA OR and its state-of-the-art systems is not only the pride of our staff, but it also serves as a positive draw in garnering media attention and attracting top talent to our facility.”

-Ralf Pinnau
Hospital Administrator
EV. Amalie Sieveking Hospital
Hamburg, Germany


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