Versatility at your fingertips. Whether its an anterior bleed caused by dry air or a bleed where the source cannot be visualized, Olympus offers specialized products to meet your epistaxis needs in the office, emergency room, and operating room.


Through a distribution agreement with Hemostasis, LLC, Olympus has added several topical hemostat products for the treatment of epistaxis to its already extensive ENT offering. NexStat Topical Hemostat Powder and NexFoamTopical Hemostat Sponge are easy to use plant based products proven efficacious to speed clotting. Learn More

Nasal Packing

Olympus carries an extensive line of traditional epistaxis treatment options including Blu and BluGlide bacteriostatic PVA sponges, Balloon Catheters, and Rhino Rocket Nasal Packs. For the complete list of other ENT disposable products, please see our ENT Product Catalog. Learn More

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  • Rod Lens Sinus ScopesCelon Probreath and diego PKSMR