Olympus is committed to helping you provide the highest quality care for all of your sinusitis patients both in the office and in the operating room. Olympus offers leading visualization technology as well as minimally invasive powered and manual surgical instrumentation that help maximize your time and improve patient outcomes.

HD Rod Lens Sinuscopes

See the difference in sinus surgery and in the office with Olympus HD Rod Lens Sinuscopes. Olympus' Sinuscopes boast a 5 year autoclavability warranty and proprietary aspherical lens providing a virtually distortion free image. Learn More

PK diego® Powered Dissector

With its vast disposable blade & burr offering including specially designed skull base burrs and bipolar soft tissue blades, PK diego system facilitates more precise tissue removal, access, and visualization to meet your sinus surgery needs. Learn More


Olympus offers a full line of premier ENT manual surgical instruments. Hand-crafted in Tuttlingen, Germany, ExplorENT instruments are known for exceptional quality, precision, durability. Learn More

Dissolvable Sinus Dressings

Through a distribution agreement with Hemostasis, LLC, Olympus has added several dissolvable sinus dressings and stents to its already extensive ENT offering. Both the Chitosan based polymer products (PosiSep, PosiSep X) and the plant based polysaccharide stents (NexPak, NexFoam) provide hemostasis, occupy space to prevent middle turbinate lateralization, and eliminate the need for painful packing removal. Learn More

  • diego PK Tonsil and Adenoid
  • Otoendoscopes and InstrumentsPosiSep X
  • Rod Lens Sinus ScopesCelon Probreath and diego PKSMR