In the world of Laryngoscopy, Olympus has a wide range of specialized nasopharyngoscopes, as well as rigid laryngoscopes. The quality of the image is and has always been the prime focus of the company. Olympus has specialized the range of Rhino Laryngoscopes beyond fiber and beyond standard definition. Olympus now offers a full range of video scopes to complement the fiber scopes. The latest innovation is the HD flexible video scope.

Video Scopes

Olympus has a varied range of video scopes varying from small diameter scopes specifically designed to access smaller anatomies to a full screen HD rhino laryngoscope for the most optimal image of the anatomy. Learn More


Fiber Scopes

Olympus rhino laryngo fiber scopes are the gold standard due to their durability and image quality. The range of scopes varies…Learn More


Rigid Scopes

In addition to flexible scopes, Olympus offers high quality rigid laryngo scopes to visualize the vocal cords. Pediatric cases may want to consider the 4mm 70 degree ‘sinus’ scope. Learn More

-WA96100A -for pediatrics WA96206A (4mm reverse post)  

Narrow Band Imaging™ (NBI)

NBI is an optical image enhancement technology that enhances the visibility of vessels and other tissues on the mucosal surface. Narrow-band illumination, which is strongly absorbed by hemoglobin and penetrates only the surface tissues, is ideal for enhancing the contrast between the two. As a result, under narrow-band illumination, capillaries on the mucosal surface are displayed in brown on the monitor, and veins in the submucosa are displayed in cyan.

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