Middle Ear Surgery


Middle Ear surgical procedures include:

  • Tympanoplasty (reconstruction of the tympanic membrane using a graft)
  • Cholesteatoma or granuloma (benign tumors) removal
  • Carcinoid and adenoma (malignant tumors) removal

Middle Ear Surgical Instruments

A comprehensive offering of middle ear surgical Instruments from a company with over 50 years of experience as a preferred supplier to the Otology community. These instruments are often shaped to reach specific areas of the Middle Ear space and the instrument surfaces can be ebonized to minimize light reflection during use. Learn More

Rigid Telescopes

A superior line of high quality rigid telescopes, designed to provide the highest quality images of the middle ear space and allows the surgeon to visualize a broader area than what is achievable with otomicroscopy alone. Learn More

Otology Drills

A line of otology drills is available for revisions to the mastoid bone via the Viper handpiece or to the middle ear ossicules via the Stapes handpiece. Both handpieces are designed for convenient use with the diego® console.

  • diego PK Tonsil and Adenoid
  • Otoendoscopes and InstrumentsPosiSep X
  • Rod Lens Sinus ScopesCelon Probreath and diego PKSMR