Ossiculoplasty is a surgical process wherein there is a reconstruction of the ossicular chain. The reconstruction may involve one, two, or all three of the middle ear ossicules. The goal of the reconstruction is to reestablish a pathway for the conduction of sound wave vibrations from the Tympanic Membrane to the Oval Window (at the entrance to the Inner Ear).

Ossicular Chain Reconstruction Prostheses

Olympus' Ossicular Chain Reconstruction (OCR) Prostheses have led the otology community in innovative design for over 50 years. A broad offering of biocompatible, reliable, prostheses is available to meet a wide range of physician preferences and patient situations. Learn More

OtoMimix® Bone Cement

The Olympus OtoMimix Bone Cement can be used during revision and primary Stapes surgery to bridge small discontinuities in the ossicular chain or to secure a prosthesis to the incus or malleous bones. Learn More

Otology Surgical Instruments

Olympus has over 50 years of experience offering otology surgical instruments to the otology community. These instruments are often shaped to reach specific areas of the middle ear space and the instrument surfaces are often ebonized to minimize light reflection during use. Learn More

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