Ossicular Reconstruction


Olympus offers a wide variety of prosthetic implants for both partial and total reconstruction of the Ossicular Chain in the middle ear. These implants are constructed out of durable, biocompatible materials that are easy to surgically place and that provide excellent sound conduction to the inner ear.

Dornhoffer Interpositional PORP®

The Dornhoffer Implant System offers stability at the Stapes and Malleus. The titanium cradle locks onto the Stapes superstructure and cradles an intact stapedial tendon. The hydroxylapatite head is designed with a Malleus notch for enhanced stability at the Malleus.

Micron® Monolithic Implant System

This all-titanium monolithic system is available in centered and off-centered orientations to maximize visualization. The open-head design is tiltable to facilitate implant placement and handling. The slit superstructure provides stability of the PORP onto the Stapes superstructure and cradles an intact stapedial tendon.

Kartush Strut System

A simple solution for providing stability in ossicular chain reconstruction using hydroxylapatite struts. The self-locking nature of the strut design provides added stability, while the simplicity of the design allows for excellent visualization.

OtoMimix Bone Cement

Made of hydroxylapatite, one of the most bio-compatible materials for implant use, this bone cement can be used to provide additional stability to reconstructions of the ossicular chain.

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