Rhinoplasty is a plastic surgery procedure for correcting and reconstructing the form, function, and aesthetics of the nose.

HD Rod Lens Sinuscopes

See the difference in nasal surgery and in the office with Olympus HD Rod Lens Sinuscopes. Olympus' Sinuscopes boast a 5 year autoclavability warranty and proprietary aspherical lens providing a virtually distortion free image. Learn More


Olympus offers a full line of premier ENT manual surgical instruments. Hand-crafted in Tuttlingen, Germany, ExplorENT instruments are known for exceptional quality, precision, durability. Learn More

Nasal Packing and Stents

Olympus carries an extensive line of traditional nasal packing and stents including Blu and BluGlide bacteriostatic PVA sponges. For the complete list of other ENT disposable products, please see our ENT Product Catalog. Learn More

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