Skull Base


Endoscopic skull base surgery has undergone rapid advancement in the past decade stimulated by technological innovation, improved understanding of endoscopic anatomy, a refinement of surgical techniques. Olympus offers innovative products to help you address the unique challenges of complex transnasal skull base surgery.

HD Rod Lens Sinuscopes

See the difference in sinus surgery and in the office with Olympus HD Rod Lens Sinuscopes. Olympus' Sinuscopes boast a 5 year autoclavability warranty and proprietary aspherical lens providing a virtually distortion free image. Learn More

PK diego® Powered Dissector

Specifically designed by leading rhinologists to maximize visualization and facilitate rapid bone and tumor removal, diego® next generation skull Base Burrs were also engineered for durability. We are so confident in their strength, that if you break it…we buy it! Learn More


Olympus offers a full line of premier ENT manual surgical instruments. Hand-crafted in Tuttlingen, Germany, ExplorENT instruments are known for exceptional quality, precision, and durability. Learn More

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