Stapedioplasty, which includes stapedotomy and stapedectomy, is a surgical procedure used to address a hearing loss that is usually caused by otosclerosis. This disease can cause a conductive hearing loss as it slowly and progressively immobilizes the Stapes bone, thus hindering the transmission of sound wave vibrations to the inner ear space.

Stapes Piston Prostheses

The Olympus Stapes Piston Prostheses have an industry-leading design with a heat-activated shape memory metal alloy wire for easy middle ear placement. A broad selection of Stapes Piston shapes and sizes provides ENT surgeons with the flexibility that they need for each patient situation. Learn More

Stapes Bucket Handle Prostheses

The Olympus Stapes Bucket Handle Prostheses are offered in either titanium or fluoroplastic and are available in a broad range of shapes and sizes to help ENT Surgeons meet the needs of each patient situation. Learn More

OtoMimix® Bone Cement

The Olympus OtoMimix Bone Cement can be used during revision and primary Stapes surgery to bridge small discontinuities in the ossicular chain or to secure a prosthesis to the incus or malleous bones. Learn More

Stapes Drill Handpiece

The Olympus Stapes Drill Handpiece is often used in stapedotomies or stapedectomies to modify the Stapes Footplate in preparation for the placement of a prosthesis. This handpiece is designed for convenient use with the diego® console.

Otology Surgical Instruments

Olympus has over 50 years of experience offering otology surgical instruments to the otology community. These instruments are often shaped to reach specific areas of the middle ear space and the instrument surfaces can be ebonized to minimize light reflection during use. Learn More

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