UPPP (Uvulopalatrophryngoplasty)


UPPP is the most common procedure for the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) syndrome. This procedure consists of a combination of treatments to open the airway including: tonsillectomy, reorientation of the anterior and posterior tonsillar pillars, excision of the uvula and posterior rim of the soft palate and enlarged tongue base. Olympus has proprietary technologies that allow surgeons to perform any combination of these treatments.


Somnoplasty's radio frequency (RF) energy is a minimally invasive surgical technology that uses controlled radiofrequency current to reduce tissue volume in a precise and controlled manner, delivering the largest controlled lesions for effective, controlled outcomes. Learn More


PlasmaCision PC15 tips utilizes and advanced proprietary RF surgical technology to cut and coagulate precisely, cleanly, and safely. Using a proprietary bipolar RF output, and a unique instrument design, PlasmaCision gently divides tissue with selectable thermal margin control, providing the conditions needed for less pain and quicker healing. Learn More


Olympus offers a full line of premier ENT manual surgical instruments. Hand-crafted in Bartlett, TN or Tuttlingen, Germany, Gyrus ENT instruments are known for exceptional quality, precision, and durability. Learn More

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