Ventilation Tubes & Accessories


For over 50 years, vent tubes designed in Bartlett, TN, have been the most trusted by ENT professionals. Today, these tubes are sold by Olympus ENT and feature a range of materials, coatings, and sizes to meet the needs of ENT surgeons.

Uncoated Vent Tubes

Download the ENT catalog to view all of the uncoated vent tubes available by product line with features.

UltraSil Vent Tubes

UltraSil is Olympus ENTs proprietary treatment for silicone tubes that is clinically proven to resist biofilm1.

PacifiC® Vent Tubes

PacifiC is Olympus' proprietary coating for fluoroplastic vent tubes that is clinically proven to resist biofilm.2

Titanium Micron® Vent Tubes

Olympus' exclusive Micron finish provides ultra-smoothness to reduce the potential for clogging and unwanted tissue ingrowth without the glare or reflection of ordinary polished finishes.

Myringotomy Instruments and Accessories

Durable, reliable accessories and instruments you can trust for your myringotomy procedures.


1 Biedlingmaier, J. F., Samaranayake, R., and Whelan, P., "Resistance to Biofilm Formation on Otologic Implant Materials," accepted for publication in Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery, 1997.

2 Berry, J.A., Biedlingmaier, J.F., and Whelan, P.J. "In vitro resistance to bacterial biofilm formation coated fluoroplastic tympanostomy tubes." Accepted for publication in Otolaryngology - Head Neck Surgery (2000).

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