Universality: The EU-ME1 is compatible with electronic radial array and curvilinear array scanning echoendoscopes and mechanical radial scanning echoendoscopes and ultrasound probes. This single unit is capable of supporting basic imaging EUS and EBUS, tissue sampling (EUS-FNA, EBUS-TBNA, EBUS-guided sheath), and interventional EUS in the GI tract, pancreatico-biliary system, and lung.

Image quality: The EU-ME1 offers superb image quality, providing high-resolution B mode and high sensitivity Doppler imaging.

Ease of use: EU-ME1 is designed to improve procedural efficiencies. It is as compact as a light source, so it will fit onto the shelf of a standard endoscopy cart. It integrates seamlessly with the Olympus EVIS system and has the capability to share patient data with the CV-180. The keyboard can control the EU-ME1 and CV-100/140160/180, displaying endoscopic and/or ultrasound images on a single monitor. In addition, the EU-ME1 features a newly designed keyboard that includes a touch panel, fewer and better-positioned keys, a trackball, and LED backlit keys.

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