Olympus developed the first gastrointestinal endoscope to break the 5 mm barrier to minimize patient discomfort, without compromising excellent imaging performance. Improved diagnostic imaging, which enables confident observation of fine capillaries and delicate mucosal tissue is available on gastroscopes using Narrow Band Imaging (NBI).

GIF-HQ190 Video Gastroscope

With high-definition resolution that far exceeds conventional videoscopes and the added feature of Narrow Band Imaging™ (NBI), the GIF-HQ190 improves diagnostic imaging, enabling confident observation of fine capillaries and delicate mucosal tissue. A Close Focus optical system further improves image details and eliminates the need for electronic magnification. Additionally, the four-way angulation enables comprehensive examination of the upper GI tract.


GIF-N180 Video Gastroscope

The world’s first gastrointestinal endoscope to break the 5 mm barrier, the GIF-N180 is a marvel of compact design. The GIF-N180 allows unsedated EGD procedures, via either transnasal or transoral means with excellent imaging performance and two-way angulation for efficient examination of the upper GI tract.



The GIF-H190 offers an excellent balance of size and performance, with HDTV image quality in a slim 9.2 mm diameter size. The forward water jet function improves procedures and treatment. A new connector design minimizes the effort required for setup and is fully submersible.



The GIF-XP180N puts big functionality into a small package. Capable of bending in four directions, this 5.5 mm diameter scope sets a new standard for maneuverability in an extra-slim gastrointestinal scope. With NBI compatibility and a 2.0 mm channel for device use, the GIF-XP180N enables excellent diagnostic examinations of the upper gastrointestinal tract.



The EVIS EXERA GIF-2T160 gives you the versatility you need to perform examinations in the upper digestive tract thanks to its dual channel design, consisting of 3.7mm and 2.8mm diameter channels. The utilization of these two channels, in combination with other features of the scope, can provide a clearer view of the area in question and help you perform such procedures as removing polyps or performing EMR more efficiently.



When you need to stop upper GI bleeding or remove foreign bodies, you need the GIF-XTQ160. Boasting a 12.9mm outer diameter, 4-way angulation, high-quality video images, and a jumbo 6.0mm channel to assist with the removal of foreign bodies, the GIF-XTQ160 provides the necessary elements to observe where suction is needed and locate the bleeding site within the upper GI tract, allowing for treatment using endotherapy products.

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