Insufflation Equipment

Improve patient outcomes, confirm lesions, identify bleeds, and check for anastomic leaks by using Olympus insufflations units in conjunction with the SonoSurg or SurgMaster systems.

The UHI-4 Intra-abdominal insufflation unit facilitates laparoscopic observation with a smoke evacuation feature that maintains clear operative views. Insufflation quickly responds to gas leaks, allowing the surgeon to remain focused on the operative site.

The UCR CO2 Intra-luminal insufflation unit uses carbon dioxide during advanced laparoscopic procedures to minimize bowel distension, thereby allowing a colonoscopy or upper GI endoscopy to be performed intra-operatively immediately before, during or after the procedure to confirm lesions, identify bleeds and check for anastomic leaks. As a result, patient outcomes are improved because endoscopic visualization assists in detecting problems immediately as opposed to post-operatively and patients experience less pain and discomfort.

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