O.R. Imaging Systems

The Olympus surgical imaging platform was designed by Olympus engineers with the demands of operating room doctors, nurses, and hospital administrators in mind.


The new EVIS EXERA III endoscopy system is setting new standards for technologies focusing on:

  • Advancing Visualization
  • Advancing Control
  • Advancing Workflow

These innovative technologies help facilitate more accurate diagnosis and treatment, simplify setup and reprocessing, improve workflow, and link patient and department information to the hospital’s information network through smart technologies with advanced levels of sophistication and integration.

VISERA ELITE Surgical Imaging Platform

The VISERA ELITE Video System Center OTV-S190 features 3D noise reduction, SDI and DVI outputs, and a portable memory port:

3D noise reduction
3D noise reduction is a new image processing algorithm particularly suited for video. It replaces a noisy pixel in the frame with the same pixel from the previous frame that did not have noise. This enhances the image by effectively eliminating noise and providingbetter images, even with current scopes.

SDI/DVI output
Both HD-SDI for 1080i and DVI for 1080p outputs are provided to suit the user's preference.

Portable memory port
Compatibility of user-friendly portable memory interface.


CLV-180 Xenon Light Source is a high-intensity 300 watt light source that delivers the illumination to drive HDTV and a new Narrow Band Imaging (NBI) feature enhances visualization capabilities.


The following scopes are all supported by the above platforms:

HD EndoEYE Flex Video Laparoscopes
Olympus continues to develop innovative solutions for surgical endoscopy with the introduction of the world’s first deflectable HD video laparoscope. This video laparoscope represents a significant breakthrough in laparoscopic imaging by upgrading the distally mounted video chip to HD and combining it with an advanced flexible tip design, which provides a complete 100° field of view from multiple angles to visually capture the desired location head-on, from above, or even from behind. The advanced flexible tip also eliminates the need to change between 0° and 30° scopes intraoperatively.

  • Exceptional imaging performance
  • All-in-one design
  • Features focus free and digital zoom
  • Autoclavable

HD EndoEYE Video Laparoscopes
The award winning HD EndoEYE builds on the success of its predecessor by delivering high-definition imaging for even more amazing images with an increased level of contrast, detail, and color reproduction. Consequently, the higher resolution is the major advantage of HD for clinical applications. This revolutionary technology, combined with the distally mounted CCD design, sets a new performance standard in the O.R.

  • Exceptional imaging performance
  • All-in-one design
  • Features focus free and digital zoom
  • Autoclavable

Rigid Laparoscopes
Olympus has a full range of laparoscopes to suit your personal preference and clinical application. These include 5 mm and 10 mm versions with 0°, 30°, or 45° direction of views. The 5 mm delivers full screen images and the 10 mm is also available in a long 460 mm version to accommodate larger patients. Additionally, a high-definition 10 mm laparoscope is available with a significantly improved image quality.

  • 0˚, 30˚, 45˚ direction of view
  • Distortion-free images
  • Bright & even illumination
  • Five-year Goldtip autoclavability guarantee

Camera Heads

HD 3CCD Camera Heads

Olympus autoclavable HD camera heads feature 1080 effective scan lines with one touch zoom and remote-control capabilities. The image can be enlarged up to 1.5X the original size and HD image quality is maintained even in the zoom mode. On the camera head control section, there are three switches that can be programmed with frequently used functions. The camera heads are available with an eye-piece or quick-lock connection to lock onto a full line of autoclavable telescopes.

HD 3CCD delivers high definition and exceptional image quality supporting your operation with finer details. These autoclavable camera heads incorporate Power Zoom and Power Focus for one hand operation.

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