Based on Olympus’ intensive cooperation with leading surgeons, a new generation of arthroscopes with outstanding features and benefits has been designed. Included in this scope lineup is the TrueView Direct. The first Autoclavable integrated camera system designed to simplify procedures by featuring single-hand control of all user interfaces.


The Olympus TrueView line of arthroscopes are Autoclavable and include a revolutionary lens system, a unique wide field without distortion, and the Mini-line is available for small joint arthroscopy.

Camera Heads

HD 3CCD Camera Heads

Olympus also provides a full line of autoclavable HD camera heads featuring 1080 effective scan lines with one touch zoom and remote-control capabilities. The image can be enlarged up to 1.5X the original size and HD image quality is maintained even in the zoom mode. On the camera head control section, there are three switches that can be programmed with frequently used functions. The camera heads are available with an eye-piece or quick-lock connection to lock onto a full line of autoclavable telescopes.

HD 3CCD delivers high definition and exceptional image quality supporting your operation with finer details. These autoclavable camera heads incorporate Power Zoom and Power Focus for one hand operation.

VISERA ELITE Surgical Imaging Platform

Olympus’ new surgical imaging platform, VISERA ELITE, is equipped with HDTV imaging capability and advanced image processing to provide the best possible image for Olympus surgical scopes across multiple specialties.

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