Thoracic Surgery

From general bronchoscopy and diagnostic procedures to treatment and intervention from post-op complications, all phases of thoracic surgery can be conducted utilizing Olympus instruments.


Olympus has put bronchoscopy in a whole new light. Long known for exceptional imaging, Olympus has set the standard for bronchoscopic visualization with the BF-180 series. You can see the difference.

Narrow Band Imaging (NBI) Technology
Available only in 180 series bronchoscopes, Olympus’ proprietary NBI technology delivers enhanced observation of the capillary network and mucosal morphology.

Larger Image
With a larger on-screen image size and a higher resolution, the BF-180 series bronchoscopes deliver a superior image over their BF-160 predecessors.

Electronic Magnification
Newly integrated into the BF-180 series, three magnification ratios enhance the ability to observe lesions.

Larger Working Channel
With a wide 3.0 mm working channel, the BF-1T180 allows easier passage of endoscopic accessories and improved suction capabilities compared to the 2.8 mm channel found in the BF-1T160.

Enhanced Visualization
The revolutionary CCD chip technology of the BF-180 series provides clearer, sharper images that are larger and easier to observe than the BF-160 series.

Electronic Storage and Transfer of Still Images
Via an xD-Picture card, the BF-180 series allows you to electronically store and transfer still images taken with a BF-180 series scope.

The BF-180 series is compatible with the STERRAD NX System. In addition, Olympus offers the world’s only autoclavable flexible bronchoscope, the BF-Q180AC.

Endoscopic Devices
Olympus offers a full line of pulmonary endoscopic devices to use with the BF-180 series bronchoscopes including EBUS needles, TBNA aspiration needles, guide sheath kit, biopsy forceps, grasping forceps, cytology brushes, electrosurgical accessories, and retrieval baskets.

Lung Cancer Staging(EBUS/EUS)

As a leader in endobronchial ultrasound (EBUS), Olympus offers an easy to use, ultrasonic bronchoscope, specifically designed for diagnostic biopsies and staging in the lung. The scope’s innovative design enables physicians to visualize lymph nodes and surrounding vessels in real-time, via ultrasound, while simultaneously viewing the endoscopic image. The Olympus EBUS-TBNA system makes biopsies safer and more accurate than conventional “blind” TBNA and offers a less invasive, less costly alternative to mediastinoscopy. Take advantage of superior ultrasound imaging with the Olympus endobronchial ultrasound system.


The EU-ME1 is the world’s first fully integrated compact endoscopic ultrasound processor. Designed specifically for EUS and endobronchial ultrasound (EBUS) diagnostic, therapeutic, and interventional applications, the EU-ME1 uses advanced technology to drive mechanical scanning endoscopes and probes as well as electronic scanning endoscopes. The ideal solution for GI endoscopists performing EUS and pulmonologists and thoracic surgeons performing EBUS, the EU-ME1 uniquely brings together exceptional endoscopic imaging, ultrasound scanning, and interventional capability compatible with Olympus EUS and EBUS products.


As the leader in endobronchial ultrasound, Olympus introduces the second-generation endobronchial ultrasound transbronchial needle aspiration (EBUS-TBNA) system featuring Aloka ProSound Alpha5 (a5) ultrasound compatibility. The BF-UC180F, capitalizes on advanced imaging capabilities of Aloka and next-generation Olympus ultrasound processors. EBUS-TBNA with the BF-UC180F permits visualization of the needle on the video monitor as well as on the ultrasound image, enabling the physician to more accurately guide the needle into the lymph node to obtain pathology samples.

Surgery - VATS

Olympus scopes enable physicians to perform VATS (video-assisted thoracic surgery) using minimally invasive, state-of-the-art protocols.

Olympus offers a complete range of scopes designed for a variety of thoracic procedures. Included in our scope lineup is Olympus’ latest generation high-definition, deflectable-tip, thoracic videoscope that incorporate an advanced miniature color CCD chip for high-definition imaging that delivers even more amazing images with an increased level of contrast, detail, and color reproduction.

Post-Surgical Air Leak

Control prolonged air leaks of the lung, or significant air leaks likely to become prolonged, following lobectomy, segmentectomy, or LVRS (lung volume reduction surgery). The IBV Valve System is a minimally invasive treatment designed for acute and chronic conditions of the lung.

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