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What is the V-System?
The V-System is a revolutionary new ERCP system that integrates the Olympus V-Scope with Olympus EndoTherapy ERCP accessories. The V-System offers simplicity and choice for the endoscopist.
What are the primary advantages of the V-System?
  • The V-System:
    Simplifies and improves ERCP device exchange.
  • Enables ERCP's using a "short" guidewire (270cm) rather than a standard guidewire (450cm).
  • Provides the option of guidewire manipulation by the doctor or the assistant.
  • Is an open-architecture system. This means that the components of the V-System - the V-Scope and the various V-System accessories can be used with ERCP accessories from other device manufacturers.
  • Provides for improved cannulation through an increased 8 degrees of angulation in elevator.
How many ERCP accessories are included in the V-System?
There are approximated ninety (90) V-System accessories. This brings the total number of Olympus Endotherapy ERCP devices to nearly 500!! This includes cannulae, guidewires, sphincterotomes, needle knives, extraction balloons, retrieval baskets, stents and stent delivery systems, lithotriptors and other devices.
Can the V-System accessories be used in conjunction with accessories from other manufacturers?
Certainly. However, the full benefits of the V-System are only realized when used as a system.
Is the V-System supposed to take the place of the ERCP assistant?
No, the V-System will make ERCP easier and more efficient for both the physician and the assistant. The C-Hook and V-Sheath give the physician and the assistant the choice of device control.
Where does the name "V-System" come from?
The V-Scope has a "V-Groove" in the forceps elevator. It is the "V-Groove" that locks the guidewire, enabling device exchange using a short guidewire.
Can I use a "long" (450cm) guidewire with the V-System?
Absolutely. The V-Scope and V-System accessories can all be used with long 0.035" guidewires.
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