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[features & benefits]

- Option of guidewire manipulation by the physician or the assistant

- Open system
  • Individual preferences
  • New technologies

- Easier exchange of catheters due to short guidewire

- Increased elevator angle allows for enhanced cannulation

- Designed to help improve device exchanges

[c-hook]   C-Hook
  • Allows a choice of control over the device by the physician or the assistant.
  • Attaches the device to the endoscope just below the biopsy port.
[v-markings]   V-Markings
  • On the proximal portion of all V-System devices.
  • When the V-Marking on the device reaches the biopsy port, the tip of the catheter has reached the endoscope elevator.
  • Indicates when to raise the elevator to lock the guidewire.
[v-sheath for device control]   V-Sheath for Device Control
  • The V-Sheath design allows the guidewire sheath and the injection/handle sheath to be separated offering the choice of control by the endoscopist or the assistant.
  • [image]The V-Groove in the endoscope elevator locks the Linear Guide-V guidewire when its spiral markings are visible.
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