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[v-system product]
[cannula]   Cannula
StarTipVTM Cannula
X-PressVTM Cannula
[guidewire]   Guidewire
LinearGuideVTM Guidewire
[sphinceterotome]   Sphincterotome
CleverCut2VTM Double Lumen Sphincterotome
CleverCut3VTM Triple Lumen Sphincterotome
[retrieval baskets]   Retrieval Baskets
FlowerBasketVTM Rotatable Retrieval Basket
TetraCatchVTM Rotatable Retrieval Basket

FlowerBasketVTM Wireguided Retrieval Basket
TetraCatchVTM Wireguided Retrieval Basket

[extraction balloon]   Extraction Balloon
Multi-3VTM Extraction Balloon
[biliary stents]   Biliary Stents
Biliary Stents and QuickPlaceVTM stent insertion kits.
[vscope tjf-160vf]   Duodenoscope
V-ScopeTM TJF-160VF
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