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Olympus America Announces Top Management Changes
December 2, 1999
Olympus Digital Cameras Sweep the Awards
November 15, 1999
Olympus and Enroute Dislplay Gigantic Panorama Photos Created with Digital Camera
November 15, 1999
Olympus Provides Broadest Choice for Downloading Digital Camera Images
November 15, 1999
Olympus Announces IPIX Upgrade Kit for Consumer Digital Cameras
November 15, 1999
Olympus America Honors Outstanding Pathologists During First Annual "Unsung Heroes" Awards
November 8, 1999
Olympus Announces Digital Camera Loaner Program at COMDEX
November 5, 1999
Olympus Announces C-2020 Zoom Filmless Digital Camera
November 5, 1999
Olympus America and Katie Couric Partner in Employee Education Event on Colorectal Cancer
September 14, 1999
Olympus America Introduces the MC-2000 Automated Wafer Bump Inspection System
September 13, 1999
Introducing the Olympus Accura Zoom XB 700/QD Camera
September 8, 1999
Introducing the i Zoom 60—an Ergonomic, All-Weather, Ultracompact APS Camera
September 7, 1999
Olympus Announces New 0% Financing Program For Healthcare
September 1, 1999
Olympus Announces New Point & Shoot Zoom Filmless Digital Camera
August 24, 1999
Olympus Announces the Innovative 2.5 Megapixel C-2500L SLR Filmless Digital Camera
August 24, 1999
Olympus America Helps Create Top-Rated Educational Web Site
August 5, 1999
Olympus and Labotix to Co-Market Systems for Lab Automation
August 1, 1999
Olympus To Partner with Joint Purchasing Corporation To Provide Additional Financial Management Services
August 1, 1999
Olympus Introduces the AU640 Chemistry Immuno Analyzer for Hospitals Requiring High Volume Testing and Standardization
August 1, 1999
New Stable-Liquid Calcium Reagent from Olympus
August 1, 1999
The Olympus Presents its Standardized Line-up of Chemistry Immuno Systems: AU400, AU640, and AU2700* Using the Same Reagents
August 1, 1999
Olympus Automates Pre- and Post-Analysis in the Lab with its New OLA1500
August 1, 1999
Olympus to Broaden Distribution Support with Fisher HealthCare Reps
August 1, 1999
The New Olympus AU2700™ High-Volume Chemistry-Immuno Analyzer
August 1, 1999
Olympus Unveils New Online Health Care Resource
July 13, 1999
Olympus America Announces Three New Photo Contests Online
July 13, 1999
Olympus America Launches New Web Site
July 13, 1999
Olympus Announces 32MB SmartMedia™ Card
June 4, 1999
Olympus America Wins Business of the Year Award
May 27, 1999
Olympus Introduces First Zoom Binoculars
May 18, 1999
Olympus Announces Consumer Mobile Digital Voice Recorder
April 29, 1999
Olympus Announces New Stylish Digital Voice Recorder
April 5, 1999
Olympus Photo Printer Wins Three Awards in One Week
March 22, 1999
Olympus D1000 Digital Voice Recorder Wins Coveted "Mobility Award"
March 16, 1999
Olympus Redesigns the Pearlcorder S720 Series
February 19, 1999
Olympus Pearlcorder S701 and S713 Microcassette™ Recorders
February 18, 1999
Olympus Announces New Executive Microcassette™ Recorder
February 18, 1999
The IS-30 DLX SLR from Olympus
February 18, 1999
New Line of Cameras in the Best-Selling Stylus Series
Introduced by Olympus

February 18, 1999
Olympus 9x21PC III Binoculars
Ultra-lightweight, Ultracompact Body

February 18, 1999
The Accura Zoom 130S QD from Olympus
The New Look of the Accura series

February 18, 1999
The NEWPIC ZOOM 600 from Olympus
February 18, 1999
The Stylus Epic Zoom 80 CF from Olympus
February 18, 1999
Olympus Expands its World-Renowned, Award-Winning
Stylus Line Due to Overwhelming Customer Demand

February 18, 1999
The Accura Zoom 80S Compact Camera from Olympus
February 18, 1999
Compact Advanced Photo System Camera With Two Macro
Shooting Modes is Introduced by Olympus

February 18, 1999
The Newpic XB AF from Olympus
February 18, 1999
The Newpic XB from Olympus
February 18, 1999
Olympus D-400 Zoom Wins Excellence in Imaging Award
Best Consumer Digital Camera

February 17, 1999
Olympus Photo Printer Wins Excellence in Imaging Award
February 17, 1999
Olympus Announces World's First Zoom Lens 2.1 Megapixel Filmless Digital Camera
February 16, 1999
Olympus Introduces the Centurions Advanced Photo System Format Auto Focus SLR
February 12, 1999
Olympus D-620L Wins 1998 Macworld Editor's Choice Award
February 1, 1999
Welcome, The Olympus i ZOOM 75
The Next Generation in Advanced Photo System Design

January 21, 1999
Olympus Establishes the i Series Advanced Photo System Line
January 18, 1999
New Remote Inspection System for Large Vessels Eliminates Hazards of Human Entry
January 11, 1999
Olympus Introduces the DP10 Digital Microscope Photography System - Establishing New Standards in Digital Photomicrography
January 11, 1999
Olympus Introduces the Pearlcorder S720 Series
January 11, 1999
Olympus Pearlcorder S700 and S710
Microcassette™ Recorders Offering Consumers Added Value

January 11, 1999
Olympus Announces New Filmless Digital Camera
January 4, 1999
Olympus Announces Multi-Function
Home Entertainment Photo Printer

January 1, 1999
Olympus Introduces the D1000 Digital Voice Recorder for Professionals with IBM® VIAVOICE™
January 1, 1999
Olympus Introduces New Encore™ High-speed, Digital Video Camera for Motion Analysis
January 1, 1999
New Series 6 Videoimagescope Features Dual Optics Measuring System, Simultaneous Direct Ad Side Viewing
January 1, 1999
Olympus Introduces New, Compact Video Inspection System
January 1, 1999
Olympus Introduces the Centurion S
Advanced Photo System Format Auto Focus SLR

January 1, 1999
The Stylus Epic Limited
Compact Camera from Olympus

January 1, 1999
Olympus Reaches New Heights in Miniaturization
with the Introduction of the Stylus Epic Zoom 80

January 1, 1999
Olympus Introduces the Next Generation Stylus Camera
the Infinity Stylus Epic
World's Smallest, Lightest Weatherproof 35mm Camera

January 1, 1999
The Infinity Stylus Zoom 80 Wide DLX
The Smallest Wide-Angle 3x Zoom Camera—Only from Olympus

January 1, 1999
The Superzoom 130S from Olympus
January 1, 1999
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