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I Discovered a new way to look at high-end imaging.

I needed a system that would give me the same high-end imaging as a confocal, but would fit on my benchtop. With the FV10i, I got all that and more—superior image quality, a compact solution, and an easy-to-use instrument—with no darkroom required. Now I can focus on the science, instead of the system. Isn't it time you saw high-end imaging in a new light?


No experience is required with the FV10i even for sophisticated confocal imaging. The navigation function leads a first-time user to operate the FV10i with ease.

Discover ...

... robust, scientifically meaningful images with just a few mouse clicks.

... the ease of live cell experiments.

... the freedom to focus on your science -not the instrument.

Mouse brain fluorescently labeled with DAPI (nuclei - blue), Alexa 488 (Actin - green), Alexa 568 (Neurofilament - red). Image is comprised of 9 different regions of interest automatically acquired over 14 Z sections at 1024x1024 and stitched together using FV10i software.

Video Gallery and Application Notes

FV10i How-to video

FV10i demonstration
View an FV10i demonstration to see just how easy confocal microscopy can be. Watch FV10i How-To Video

Observation of antibody dependent cellular cytotoxicity (ADCC)


  • RPMI 4788 cells (human colon cancer cell line) were treated with an antibody drug, cetuximab, and co-cultured with natural killer (NK) cells
  • ADCC was observed using the FV10i after addition of NK cells
  • Cetuximab: Alexa Fluor 647 (red)
  • NK cells: ZsGreen (green)
  • Detection of dead cells: DAPI (blue)

Images courtesy of:
Clinical Chemotherapy Department
The Cancer Chemotherapy Center of the Japanese
Foundation for Cancer Research
Dr Yuji Mishima, Dr Kiyohiko Hatake

Image acquisition by Dr. Takashi Abe (Olympus Corporation)

Time Lapse Video

Hela cell

Hela cell video

Time Interval
Every 20 minutes during a night

Green: GFP
Magenta: Mito Tracker Red
Time Lapse Video

HeLa cells

HeLa cells video

Sample: HeLa cells
Dye: YFP (Actin)
Lens: 60XW NA1.2
Laser wavelengths: 473nm
Time Interval: Every 3.5 minutes (TOTAL 12h)
Time Lapse Video

Application Notes

Image Gallery

Z-stack projection showing differentiated human neural stem cells after 14 days in culture. Tubulin (green) indicates immature neurons, GFAP (red) shows glial cells, and Hoechst (blue) reveals cell nuclei. Image data courtesy Daniel Haus Ph.D., Katja Pillti Ph.D., Brian Cummings Ph.D. University of California, Irvine.
Growing HeLa cells expressing Fucci, a cell cycle indicator (green nuclei, cells in S-G2-M phase: red nuclei, cells in G1 phase: yellow nuclei, cells in transition state from G1 to S phase). Image data courtesy of : Asako Sakaue-Sawano Ph.D, Atsushi Miyawaki M.D., Ph.D, RIKEN Brain Science Institute Laboratory fo rCell Funciton Dynamics, Life Funciton Dynamics, ERATO, JST.
Easy and automated map overview acquisition replaces need for eyepieces

Product Gallery

The dedicated 35mm culture pod allows for long term time-lapse with perfusion of media
FV10i-LIV incubation allows for multiple dishes and multiple acquisition conditions
Unique water dispensing system on the FV10i-LIV automatically maintains water immersion on the 60x lens to prevent loss of immersion during multi-day long time-lapse. Motorized correction collar automatically adjusts for thickness of coverslip.

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