Neuroscience 2012 - October 14-17 - Booth #1331

Join us for a Neuroimaging
Symposium at Neuroscience 2012!

New Imaging Frontiers
From mapping to viewing dynamic life processes
Connectomics imaging helps us map the brain and other organs in detail. Other current research methods focus on how living neurobiological tissues actually function. Leading researchers will address ways that pairing these two kinds of studies may help shed light on life processes.


  • Dr. Harvey Karten, University of California, San Diego
  • Dr. Claudio Vinegoni, Massachusetts General Hospital

Monday, October 15, 2012
6:30 PM – 9:30 PM
Hilton New Orleans Riverside
Exhibition Center Rooms A & B

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BX® WI Upright Fixed Stage Microscopes

The BX WI Series provides the stability crucial for patch clamping and is equipped with dedicated water immersion objectives designed for near IR illumination. The optical system is tailored for high-contrast, high-resolution imaging under the challenging conditions of thick brain slice observation.

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Fluoview® FV1200

Optimized for Imaging Live Cells and Tissues, FV1200 brings sensitivity and power to your research through a range of innovative technology and sensitivity improvements, allowing you to capture the most critical elements of your biological samples with speed, precision and reliability.

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Multiphoton microscopy provides the greatest imaging depths in some of the most challenging samples, and demands highest sensitivity. With optical designs dedicated to providing the deepest penetration depths and light collection efficiency, the FV1200MPE provides powerful tools for a wide range of applications.

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IX3® Series Research Inverted Microscopes

To The New IX3® series offers manual and motorized inverted microscopes designed for live cell imaging applications. The modular design offers extraordinary system flexibility and facilitates future upgrades.

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FV10i® Laser Scanning Confocal Microscope

FV10i-LIV is the next generation of the confocal microscopy system. Its compact design can fit where you work, on a desktop or lab bench, without the need for a dedicated darkroom, bringing the power and clarity of confocal imaging to your side.

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CV1000 Spinning Disk Confocal Imaging Technology

The CellVoyager™ CV1000 provides renowned Yokogawa spinning disk confocal imaging technology in an easy to use, incubated bench-top solution for live cell imaging.

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BX3® Series research Upright Microscopes

The BX3 Series of upright microscopes defines the standard in microscopy - robust to endure the rigors of education, highly reliable and ergonomic to meet clinical lab expectations, and sophisticated for the most demanding research projects.

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LV200 BIOLuminescence Imaging System

The LV200 features a unique optical design developed for acquiring low-light bioluminescence images from live cells and tissues. When used with some of the latest luminescence reagents, imaging on the sub-second time scale can be achieved with exceptional clarity and brilliance.

VS120® Virtual Slide System with Darkfield Illuminator

Specifically designed for the imaging needs of neuroscientists, the VS120 Virtual Slide system can now be equipped with a unique Olympus Darkfield LED illuminator to create darkfield whole slide images of brain sections. Researches looking to study morphological structures of fluorescent or non-stained specimens, can attach the Darkfield illuminator to any VS110 or VS120 virtual slide system.
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FV10i and CV1000 are Class 1 Laser Products.
LV200 and VS120 are not for clinical diagnostic use.
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