Neuroscience 2012 - October 14-17 - Booth #1331

Your Science, In Focus. Neuroscience 2013 - Booth #1579 - Functional Brain Imaging with Cellular Resolution: The New Frontier of Brain Mapping

Fixed tissue neural network imaging maps are critical for identifying structural connections. Parallel projects are developing to detail the actual function of live neurocircuitry. Once the realm of pure electrophysiology, functional mapping at the cellular level has taken on new dimensions with the proliferation of optogenetic tools, fast calcium indicators and optical stimulation technologies that allow optical stimulation and funcational mapping of cellular responses across large brain areas. This symposium will focus on new techniques in light of the NIH BRAIN initiative and discuss recent progress and challenges in fixed tissue and functional mapping of living neurocircuitry.


Members of Dr. Karl Deisseroth Lab, Stanford University
Monday, November 11, 2013
6:30pm – 10:00pm

San Diego Marriott Marquis and Marina
San Diego Ballroom Salon A


Monday, November 11, 2013
6:30 PM – 10 PM
San Diego Marriott Marquis & Marina
San Diego Ballroom Salon A


FluoView® FVMPE-RS® Hybrid Multiphoton System

The FVMPE-RS is a multiphoton imaging system dedicated to high speed physiology and brain mapping applications. With both resonant and high speed multipoint mapping, this system allows you to capture high speed full frame images and simultaneously stimulate for live optogenetic brain mapping.

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FluoView® FV1200MPE® Multiphoton Laser Scanning Microscope

The FV1200MPE series of multiphoton microscopes provides powerful tools for a wide range of applications. From the FV1200MPE Exclusive to the ultimate FV1200MPE TWIN systems and a range of descanned and non-descanned detector options, the FV1200MPE gives you the power, sensitivity and speed you need to achieve your research goals.

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BXWI® Upright Fixed Stage Microscopes

The BXWI Series is designed as a special-purpose research microscope for electrophysiology. This microscope provides the stability crucial for patch clamping and is equipped with dedicated water immersion objectives designed for near IR illumination at 775 and 990nm. The optical system is tailored for high-contrast, high-resolution imaging under the challenging conditions of thick brain slice observation.

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VS120® Darkfield Multichannel Fluorescence

The VS120 effectively brings imaging and microscopy closer together, creating an advanced and highly versatile “virtual slide”, a high-resolution image of the whole specimen. By generating an exact copy of the specimen, users can view and analyze samples regardless of their proximity to the microscope.

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IX3® Series Research Inverted Microscope

The IX3® series offers manual and motorized inverted microscopes designed for live cell imaging applications. The modular design offers extraordinary system flexibility and facilitates future upgrades.

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CV1000 Spinning Disk Confocal Imaging Technology

The CellVoyager™ CV1000 provides renowned Yokogawa spinning disk confocal imaging technology in an easy to use, incubated bench-top solution for live cell imaging.

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