MVX10 MacroView

The MVX10 MacroView is a research Macro Zoom Fluorescence Microscope. The MVX10 addresses the tradeoffs between stereo and compound imaging systems, offering high numerical apertures from a compound microscope along with long working distances and larger fields of view from a stereo microscope.
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MVX10 Macroview Specifications

Item Specifications
Zoom microscope body

Zoom drive: Mono-zoom variable magnification system

Zoom ratio values: 1:10 (0.63x-6.3x)

Aperture iris diaphragm: Built-in

Features: Tilting trinocular head that allows switching between standard and stereo observation

Observation heads

Field number (F.N.): 22

Tilting angle: 0°-23° continuously variable system

Light path selection: Two-step binocular 100%/photo 100%

Illumination mode: Coaxial reflected light

Filter selection: Turret 3 filter + BF

Reflected light fluorescence unit

Fluorescence mirror unit: For CFP, GFP, YFP, RFP separation high quality mirror unit. For GFP andGFP separation mirror unit

Light source: 100W Mercury Apo lamp* housing and transformer, 100W Mercury lamp* housing and transformer, or 75W Xenon Apo lamp housing and transformer.

Magnification changer
Magnification: 1x, 2x selection
Objectives (when used with eyepiece WHN10X) MVPLAPO 0.63X MVPLAPO 1X MVPLAPO 2XC
Total magnification 4.0x-40x 6.3x-63x 34.9 - 3.5
Working distance W.D. (mm) 87 65 20
Numerical Aperture (N.A.) 0.15 0.25 0.5
Field of view (mm) 55 - 5.5 34.9 - 3.5 17.6 - 1.7
Stands, Transmitted illuminators

Stands, Transmitted illuminators: High-level transmitted light illuminator for MVX10 MVX-ILLB, High-level transmitted light illuminator SZX-ILLB2, Transmitted light illuminator SZX-ILLK, BF/DF transmitted light illuminator SZX-ILLD2, Large stand SZX-STL

Focusing unit: Fine focusing unit MVX-FOF, Motorized focusing unit SZX-FOA2

Stage: Large stage plate, Thermoplate

* Lamp contains mercury. Dispose according to local, state or Federal laws. Click here for important information.

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