DP26 Digital Camera

Olympus proudly offers the easy-to-use DP26 with high fidelity color rendition. The DP26 is a 5 megapixel digital color camera that is ideal for fast and easy documentation, publication and image analysis requirements when high-resolution detail is essential. The exceptionally vivid clarity, fast live image preview and ease of use make the DP26 a sound choice for a broad range of scientific applications including bright fluorescence.
Product Image
1021 Sample Image 1 1021 Sample Image 2


The DP26 stands in a class by itself, offering an impressive full resolution (2448 x 1920 pixels) live progressive scan rate of 7 frames per second. A live full frame image can be displayed on the monitor quickly, facilitating fine detail observation without having to switch to lower resolutions for on-monitor focusing. With progressive scanning at all resolution levels, the DP26 delivers a fast 16 frames per second at lower output resolutions and offers a maximum 31 frames per second at regions of interest previewing.

The Olympus cellSens® software or PC-less stand-alone option makes it easy for users to acquire images and manage their files. Images can be previewed and the image quality optimized before capturing, minimizing post-acquisition processing.

DP26 and CellSens are not intended for clinical diagnostic use.

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