IX81 Motorized Inverted Microscope

The IX81 represents the most advanced motorized inverted microscope from Olympus.

The IX81's modular frame and optical design provides 9 access ports for multiple input or output devices. Up to four ports can have simultaneous access to a primary image. With its built-in motorized Z-axis drive, 6-position nosepiece and light path selector, the IX81 is ready for multi-wavelength, advanced fluorescence and deconvolution techniques.
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Optional Motorized Accessories: Frame accepts several motorized accessories including condensers, fluorescence filter turret, shutters, filter wheels and a fully complement of high-speed devices.

NEW! ZDC2 ZERO DRIFT system for time-lapse imaging: provides continuous auto focusing capabilities using a non-destructive IR laser.

DIC Condenser with optional water immersion front lens: Offers 0.9 NA, 3.7mm working distance with 40° access angle for patch clamping electrodes.

Dual Camera Adapter: Attaches to the left side port and provides two-camera access to a primary image. Adapter also accepts dichromatic beamsplitters for simultaneous imaging.

Optional Bottom Port: Allows imaging devices to be attached in line with the optical axis of the objective producing the most efficient signal possible.

Lower Rear Port: Combined with the L-Shaped illuminator to allow the mounting of c-mount cameras or input sources while keeping the sides of the microscope free for additional equipment.

Optional Motorized Accessories: Frame accepts several motorized accessories including condensers, fluorescence filter turret, shutters, and filter wheels.


  • FluoView® Confocal Laser Scanning Microscope
  • Digital Cameras
  • Imaging Systems
  • IVF Workstation
  • Culture/Perfusion Chamber
  • Burleigh® Piezo Manipulators from Lumen Dynamics
  • Narishige® Manipulators
  • Chroma Technology®, Omega Optical® and Semrock® fluorescence filter sets
  • ASI, Ludl® and Prior® Scanning Stage
  • Olympus Motorized Shutters, Filter Wheels, and other motorized accessories
  • Uniblitz® shutter
  • Sutter® Filter Wheels
  • CO2 Incubators and Heated Stages
  • Lumen Dynamics X-Cite® 120 Metal Halide Illumination System* - the X-Cite 120 system utilizes a pre-centered lamp in combination with a liquid light guide coupling to the microscope. The unit can be used for transmitted or reflected light and is especially well suited for FITC and Rhodamine fluorescence applications.
  • U-HGLGPS® Fluorescence Illumination Source


  • New Relief Contrast condenser and objectives provide contrast and 3-D illumination effects (similar to DIC) in plastic vessels
  • Long working distance Plan Fluorite Phase Contrast objectives (LCPLFL-PH) for culture chambers and multi well plates
  • Super Long Working Distance objective SLCPLFL 40x/0.55 with 6.4mm of working distance adjusts for 0.0mm to 2.8mm cover glass or dish thickness
  • LUCPLFLN objectives feature a focus-free correction collar design that maintains objective focus during adjustments for ease of use
  • Newly designed Universal Apochromats (U-APON) achieve excellent transmission efficiency for fluorescence observation and measurement
  • New Plan Apochromats (PLAPON), such as the PL APO 60x/1.42 have high numerical apertures and field flatness correction for highly resolved, clear images.
  • Improved single line Total Internal Reflection microscopy (TIRF) illuminator provides easy laser set up and adjustment
  • Unique Four line cell^TIRF illuminator is the only system on the market to offer true simultaneous and optimized multi color TIRF.
  • Four specifically designed objectives for TIRF offer high numerical apertures critical for proper laser alignment and specimen illumination: 100x APO/1.65 NA has the highest numerical aperture available, 150x/1.45 NA offers unsurpassed magnifications for single molecule imaging. The 60x/1.49 NA and 100x/1.49 NA have become the standard for TIRF microscope set ups.
  • The high-resolution PLAPO 60x W/1.2 NA "PSF" objective has a perfectly symmetrical point spread function for photon reassignment microscopy. Water immersion design reduces the spherical aberration normally introduced when focusing into live cells

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