BX51WI & BX61WI Fixed Stage Research Microscopes

The BX WI Series is designed as a special-purpose research microscope for electrophysiology. The BX WI Series provides the stability crucial for patch clamping and is equipped with dedicated water immersion objectives designed for near IR illumination at 775 and 990nm. The optical system is tailored for high-contrast, high-resolution imaging under the challenging conditions of thick brain slice observation.
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  • Excellent working conditions for in vivo brain slice IR-DIC applications.
  • Maximum workspace and specimen access designed into the system with special objectives, condensers and optical techniques.
  • Fixed stage, horizontal arm and nosepiece focus for patch clamp stability. BX51WI is compatible with workstations by Burleigh®, Sutter®, Narishige® and Luigs and Neumann.
  • Water Immersion objectives offer resin coated tips and 32-44° pipette approach angle with 2-3.3mm of working distance.
  • New XLUMPFL20x W/IR Objective. With NA 0.95 WD 2.0mm provides maximum versatility. When combined with Double Port Magnification Changer allows a wide range of magnifications without changing the objective.
  • Long Working Distance Condensers: The WI line of condensers offer 0.8 NA with 6mm of working distance. Single position and 5-position turret DIC condensers include a rotatable 1/4 wave plate for de Senarmont DIC.
  • The oblique condenser (0.8NA, WD 6mm) offers 360° rotation of a variable slit aperture providing high contrast images at a reduced cost over DIC.
  • IR Illumination: A choice of IR filters tailored to the researcher's requirements. Special polarizers optimized for 990nm are also available.
  • Macro fluorescence capability: Super-efficient large field fluorescence for voltage sensitive dye/membrane potential imaging with the low power 4x/NA 0.28 PLFL or 2x/NA 0.14 objectives.
  • Double Port Magnification Changer: Dual port permits spectral separation of signal, allowing transmitted light IR-DIC and fluorescence images to be recorded simultaneously. Built-in magnification slider allows high and low magnification observation without changing objectives.


The BX51WI can be used with many different types of patch clamp manipulators, such as Burleigh, Narishige, Sutter, Luigs Neumann, Newport, and others.

  • Burleigh Gibraltar® Patch Clamp Workstation with the Burleigh Gibraltar Platform and PCS 5000 piezo manipulator series, the BX51WI becomes a patch clamp workstation that includes the microscope translation stage for 2" x 2" slice access.
  • Olympus Ultrasonic Micromanipulator: The three-axis ultrasonic manipulator provides a travel range of 25,000mm, combining coarse and fine adjustment into one mechanism. Forward and retract speeds can be selected for each axis; a 0.1mm resolution is achieved over the entire range.

The fixed stage/focusing nosepiece principle and one-piece frame of the BX51WI microscope establish the stability essential for patch clamping.

- New Long Working Distance XLUMPFL20x W/IR Objective. With NA 0.95 WD 2.0mm provides great versatility. Combined with the Double Port Magnification Changer allows low and high magnification observation without changing objectives.


- Improved Frontal Control for smooth experiment operations.

- Operating controls are placed at the front of the microscope for focusing and filter change. Available de Senarmont DIC accessories are adjusted below the stage keeping hands clear of specimens and manipulators.


- New Arm Height Raising Kit allows up to 90mm of space between stage and objective facilitating experiments on whole animals.

- New Swing/slide nosepiece helps prevent the introduction of air bubbles during objective changeover. Swing-only and slide-only nosepieces also available. All nosepieces designed to minimize shock and vibration.

- 2x and 4x Macro Fluorescence Objectives available for low magnification fluorescence imaging. A water immersion cap is also available for these objectives for aberrations caused by perfusion media.

Burleigh and Gibraltor are registered trademarks of Lumen Dynamics. Sutter is a trademark of Sutter Instrument Company. Narishige is a trademark of Narishige Group.

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