CKX31 & CKX41 Inverted Microscopes

The CKX microscopes utilize the infinity-corrected optical system for improved visibility and operability in cell checking. The CKX31 is a cost-effective inverted microscope suited to routine applications in a range of fields--from tissue culture and embryology to immunology and pharmacology. Olympus has taken this one step further with the CKX41 developing a modular design approach with the capability of a fluorescence illuminator for GFP; documentation of images with digital imaging and video monitoring. The CKX41 is routinely used for checking cell viability in petri dishes, culture flasks, and multi-well plates.
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CKX41 & CKX31 Microscope Specifications

Item CKX41 CKX31
Optical system UIS2 (Universal Infinity-corrected System) optics
Focus Vertical nosepiece movement (stage is fixed), coaxial coarse and fine focus with tension adjustment mechanism, roller slide mechanism, stroke: 7mm up and 2mm down from focus position which is 1mm above the stage, stroke per rotation: 39.6mm (coarse), 0.2mm (fine)
Revolving nosepiece Quadruple
Stage Plain Stage 160mm(L) x 250mm(W), stage clips attachable
Exchangeable insert plate (Ø25mm opening) incorporated
Mechanical stage Right-hand low drive coaxial controls, stage movement: X=120mm, Y=78mm, with three dish/sample holders
Substage 70mm(L) x 180mm(W)
Illumination system Light source 6V/30W halogen lamp, lamp socket (U-LS30-3-2), built-in frosted and heat absorbing filters, detachable illuminator
Filter holder Insert up to 11mm thick with Ø45mm filter, detachable
Aperture diaphragm Lever type, range: from minimum Ø3mm to maximum Ø44mm
Slider insertion With phase slider pocket and built-in slider position click stop mechanism
Condenser Detachable ultra-long working distance condenser (N.A. 0.3, W.D. 72mm)
Contrast slider Pre-centered Phase Contrast: 4x, 10x/20x/40x, empty slot Centerable Phase Contrast: 4x, 10x/20x, empty slot (40x optional, pre-centered)
Observation tube Binocular tube(U-CBI30-2) Inclined 30°, interpupillary distance range: 48mm-75mm, diopter adjustment by helicoid on left sleeve Fixed binocular tube, Inclined 45°, interpupillary distance range: 48mm-75mm, diopter adjustment by helicoid on right sleeve
Trinocular tube(U-CTR30-2) Inclined 30º, ring dovetail attachment, interpupillary distance range: 48-75mm, tube length and diopter adjustment by helicoid on left sleeve. Observation optical path: 50 (binocular)/50 (video port)  
Tilting binocular Tube(U-TBI-3) Variable inclination angles from 5º to 35º, circular mounting dovetail attachment, interpupillary distance range: 50mm-76mm, diopter adjustment by helicoid on right sleeve.  
Vertical fluorescence illuminator Detachable illuminator, switchable slide (2 position: Blue excitation, Green excitation, transmitter light observations. Two cubes attachable simultaneously), built-in UV absorbing filter  
Eyepiece WHB10X/WHB10X-H (F.N. 20) for U-CBI30 and U-CTR30WHB10X/WH10X-H/35WH10X/PWH10X (F.N. 22) for U-TBI-3 10X (F.N. 20)
Power supply Continuous intensity adjustment, built-in voltage changeover switch (100/120V, 220/240V), frequency 50/60Hz
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