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WebSlide Server 3.0 for Education

WebSlide Server is an Internet / Intranet based server software application specifically designed and developed for providing an organized collection of digitized microscope slides rapidly across a network to any number of students and faculty. WebSlide Server is a web server optimized for virtual microscopy; it operates as a service and is compliant with Internet standards so it can be accessed by a number of different computer platforms with a variety of different free software browsers and viewers.
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Our specialists are skilled in assisting customers with the development of an outstanding curriculum around virtual slides, no matter how small or large your program. We will assist you with creating and choosing the virtual slides you would like to teach with and consult with you and your IT staff to identify the IT infrastructure needed to support your learning environment. Whether it is 50 or 500 students, a wireless or LAN environment; we have a solution for you!

  • Create a standardized, uniform collection of virtual slides that will never deteriorate or break
  • Improve your curriculum and excite students with an innovative, popular technology
  • Free, unlimited access to our educational database where you can select as many virtual slides as you would like for your program
  • Scanning of 25 of your teaching glass slides at no charge
  • All our free WebSlide Viewers are available for you and your students to use
  • Students can access slides 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on or off campus
  • Easily incorporate interactive WebSlides into PowerPoint for presentations, lectures, and tumor boards
  • Customize and personalize your WebSlides with our extensive, easy to use annotation tools
  • HTML page provided for immediate, easy implementation of your virtual slide program. No custom design work needed.
  • Reliable and durable server software insuring 100% up time, even during peak activity periods
Read the George Washington University Experience or customer praises for our program!

Customer Praises
  • “The virtual microscope eliminates all of the problems associated with using microscopes . . . The frustration associated with these problems has been eliminated and is perhaps the greatest advantage to the VM labs.” ~Faculty member at the Medical College of Wisconsin

  • “This program is phenomenal. I wish all histology could have been this clear when I took it. J”. ~Second year student at Medical College of Wisconsin

  • “The ease of use probably contributed to me studying slides more than I would have with conventional microscopy”. ~First year student at Medical College of Wisconsin

  • “…The value of the site [WebSlide Finder] is beyond calculation, and will increase with each passing year and each added collection. You''''ve allowed me to fill in gaps in my own collection with high-grade images that I could never have obtained "live" because I simply don''''t have the slides with special stains and/or the money in my course budget to buy or make them. VM [virtual microscopy] gives me access to stuff my students NEED to see to increase their understanding of what I''''m teaching them, and it''''s a Godsend to the course… This service is a national treasure, of value to the life sciences teaching community, far beyond any conceivable price in dollars. “ ~Dr. Tom Caceci of Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine

  • “This may have been the greatest transition/update one could possibly make. Sure, it is probably good to be familiar with the light microscopic techniques. However, the goal of this course appeared to be learning various tissues of the body rather than [microscope use]”. ~First year student at Medical College of Wisconsin

  • “I have checked out all slides and they load fast and work well…I am pleased with the work that you have done for us. On time, done as directed, etc…it seems rare these days to find people who accomplish what is asked in a timely manner. Thanks for being on the ball!” ~ Faculty member at George Washington University

  • “I did not use virtual microscope for the first histology exam but used it extensively for the second exam and feel I was much more prepared. Maybe in the future we could use it for parasitology (also). Thanks.” ~First year student at University of Tennessee, College of Veterinary Medicine

  • “I think this was a good idea and should be used in other classes because you were able to study at home.” ~First year student at University of Tennessee, College of Veterinary Medicine

  • “…the slides that were scanned from our collection are spectacular. We couldn''''t be happier. [Students] like being able to take snapshots, bring those into PowerPoint and label cells and structures. I am thrilled beyond belief at this tenacity on their part. I have really come to like the chat screen on sync''''d images. I have tutored kids from my office to their homes and it worked exactly as advertised.” ~ Dr. Steven Kayes at the University of South Alabama

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