Multiphoton microscopy provides the greatest imaging depths in some of the most challenging samples, and demands highest sensitivity. With optical designs dedicated to providing the deepest penetration depths and light collection efficiency, the FV1200MPE Basic provides powerful tools for a wide range of applications. Configured with standard visible confocal capability and a range of descanned and non-descanned detector options, the MPE Basic is an ideal tool for core facilities and researchers with a broad range of research needs.

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  • New anti-corrosive silver galvos increase multiphoton excitation efficiency by 50%.
  • Supporting new Spectra Physics® Insight® laser for transmission out to 1300nm*.
  • High sensitivity hand-selected GaAsP detect or option with quantum efficiency up to 45%.
  • Award winning 4mm and 8mm SCALEVIEW 25x MPE dedicated objectives for the deepest imaging of fixed samples.
  • High speed measurements up to 101 cycles per second and 50,000 Hz readout with MMASW software.
  • A less complex optical path with only two alignment points.
  • Newly designed delivery system for optimal performance with use of the Spectra Physics® MaiTai® DeepSee® Laser, specifically tuned to match Olympus’ optical requirements.
  • Olympus exclusive FastScan high speed IR laser tuning with Olympus version of MaiTai® lasers.
  • Two or four Channel Non-descan Detectors.
  • BX2 channel transmitted detector designed for high sensitivity detection for both transmitted fluorescence and SHG (on the upright platform only).
  • Visible imaging available – 405nm, 440nm, 473nm, 458nm, 488nm, 515nm, 559nm, and 635nm laser lines.
  • Upright or inverted platforms.
  • AOM standard.
  • Dispersion Compensation standard.

Spectra Physics, Mai Tai, and Deep See are registered trademarks of Newport Corporation.
*Insight laser and routing optics are special order and only available in the United States and Canada.

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