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With novel image segmentation and stereology techniques. Visiopharm incorporates automation and integrated data management for whole slide image analysis and stereology. It offers application specific tools for a variety of fields including oncology, respiratory research, neuroscience and skeletal research. Available in a deployed version, or as pay-as-you-go Cloud software, Visiopharm is setting new standards in quantitative microscopy.
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Whole Slide Image Analysis and Stereology Seminars:

Olympus America Inc. and Visiopharm are proud to offer a series of Whole Slide Image Analysis and Stereology Seminars across the United States. Come see how Image Analysis and Stereology combined with today’s advanced whole slide scanner technology can dramatically facilitate your laboratory’s workflow and reduce your workload.

Visiopharm Customer Training:

Olympus America and Visiopharm partner up yearly to hold 2-4 day training courses at the Olympus America headquarters in Center Valley, PA. Please check back often for training course announcements or contact for more information.

Olympus America and Visiopharm Press Releases:

Please visit our Press Center for the latest Press Releases

Visiopharm products are not for clinical diagnostic use in the U.S.
Visiopharm is a registered trademark of Visiopharm A/S.

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