visiopharm Histoinformatics Software

With novel image segmentation and stereology techniques. Visiopharm incorporates automation and integrated data management for whole slide image analysis and stereology. It offers application specific tools for a variety of fields including oncology, respiratory research, neuroscience and skeletal research. Available in a deployed version, or as pay-as-you-go Cloud software, Visiopharm is setting new standards in quantitative microscopy.
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Examples of VisiomorphDP™ Applications

Oncology applications
Corneal Angiogenesis
Angiogenesis - Microvessel proliferation in xenografts

Huntington Protein Aggregates
Amyloid plaques in Alzheimer''''s disease

Bone and cartilage
Histology: Cartilage volume, cellularity, and fibrillation
Gross-morphological changes
Sub-chondral bone density

Pulmonary Fibrosis Fat vacuoles in liver
Dermatology - estimating the thickness of epidermis
Beta cell mass of the pancreas

Examples of TissuemorphDP™ Applications

Membrane analysis
Nuclei analysis
Nuclei and cytoplasmic staining intensity
Double staining for nuclear markers in cancer research
Fluorescence: Nuclear and cytoplasmic staining intensity
Proliferation analysis

Examples of Whole Slide Stereology™ Applications

Cortical Oligodendrocytes Count
Volume Estimation of Mouse Cerebral Cortex

Visiopharm products are not for clinical diagnostic use in the U.S.
Visiopharm is a registered trademark of Visiopharm A/S.

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