FluoView FV10i

The FV10i-DOC and FV10i-LIV are the next generation of the FV10i. Its compact design can fit where you work, on a desktop or lab bench, without the need for a dedicated darkroom, bringing the power and clarity of confocal imaging to your side. Designed with ease-of-use in mind, the software has a navigator to guide even novice users to high quality data acquisition. With a powerful set of standard capabilities, the value for your research is clear.
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Learn more about FV10i - a new way to look at high-end imaging.

The Power of Confocal, With Ease

  • Accelerate your research with easy-of-use and powerful optical performance
  • High resolution imaging combining multichannel confocal fluorescence and phase contrast images

High Value – A Powerful Suite of Capabilities

  • From live cell research to high resolution documentation and measurement of fixed samples, the FV10i has the power to suit your experiments:
    • The FV10i-LIV is designed for live cell imaging, equipped with incubation and a 60x water immersion lens with automated correction collar and water immersion
    • The FV10i-DOC is designed for 2D and 3D high resolution documentation and is equipped with 60x oil lens
    • Both equipped with 10x air objective
  • Four diode lasers and a versatile selection of emission wavelengths for multiple fluorescent labels
  • Point scanning image quality enhanced with crosstalk correction and autofocus functions
  • High and low magnifications and automated wide area scanning with automated XY stage
  • Suite of analysis methods, including image measurement statistics and colocalization
  • 3D rendering and time lapse animations

Ease-of-Use Through Intuitive Software With Navigator

  • Step-by-step navigation through dialog prompts ensure even novice users can acquire high value images
  • Workflow streamlined with direct to disk recording and automatic file naming
  • Automated laser selection and filter settings with fluorophore database
  • Choice of imaging priorities: fast scan rates versus ultra-low-noise

Get Out of the Dark With a Compact Benchtop System

  • Fully light tight enclosure means no dedicated dark room is required
  • Built-in anti-vibration platform
  • Laser combiner is built-in – no bulky peripherals to clutter lab space

Reduced Laboratory Costs

  • Virtually maintenance free with long life diode lasers
  • Fast learning curve ensures maximum productivity in the lab
  • Offload long term time-lapse experiments and routine work from your main system
  • Easily relocated with no alignment required, allowing rapid responses to confocal imaging needs in your research group
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