FSX100 Bio Imaging Navigator

The Olympus FSX100 Bio Imaging Navigator all-in-one microscope system: a compact, innovative fluorescence and brightfield microscope and camera system that allows you to capture high quality microscope images with load-and-go simplicity, just by following the intuitive workflow displayed on the screen.
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FSX100 Bio Imaging Navigator Specifications

Item Specifications
Observation Mode Fluorescence/Phase contrast, Phase contrast, and Brightfield
Acquisition Mode Single, Time Lapse, Z-stack, and Stitching (fluorescence multicolor imaging possible for all)
Bookmarks Up to 30 positions can be selected and recalled
Automatic Focus (AF) Automatic during the screen transition with one click operation
Exposure Control Auto (with exposure adjustment), Manual
Real-Time Image Processing Noise reduction (3 adjustment levels), Sharpness (2 adjustment levels)
Image Overlay Direct overlay function (live image)
White Balance, Black Balance Pre-set/Manual, Acquisition/Manual
Image Format BMP, JPG, TIFF, AVI
Specimen Protection
  • Automatically shuts OFF excitation light when the system is left without any operation for a user defined period of time
  • Field Stop automatically set to field of view
Auto Image Library Automatically creates a new folder with every specimen change
Operation Tutorial Context-sensitive operation guidance display function, user switchable ON/OFF
Settings Restore Function Multi-user settings storage/reproduction, imaging conditions recording/reproduction functions
Image Playback
  • Display switching (Photo View, Scale-Down View, Thumbnail List, Detailed View)
  • Time-lapse/Z-stack dedicated viewer Categorization function with the color tag
Image Editing 4 segmented display dedicated to multicolor fluorescence image, full screen display, print, adding figures and text, scale display, date and time display, image rotation, image trimming, image size change, image processing filters, RGB color adjustment (16 bits, 8 bits), gray scale conversion, overlay compensation, level adjustment, measurement (possible to export to Excel)
Specimen Holders
  • Accepts 1”x3” slide, 35mm dia. Dish
  • 50mm dia. hole opening, all metal construction
Standard Objectives
  • Capture: 40x NA0.95 (17x to 80x with optical zoom)
  • Macro: 10x NA0.40 (4.2x fixed with optical zoom)
Optical Zoom 0.42x to 2.0x
Motorized Correction Collar with focusing assist
XY Stage Stroke: 56mm × 26mm (with slide glass), 11mm × 11mm (with 35mm dish), 18mm × 18mm (with 50mm hole plate) (Automatically recognizes the specimen holder.)
Focus Range 9mm
Transmitted Illumination Condenser lens NA0.55, Working distance 27mm, Phase contrast slit
Transmitted Illumination Light Source White LED light source, average lifetime 16,000 hours
Fluorescence Illumination Fly-eye lens, Field stop (working with optical zoom), ND filter (automatic switching), Shutter
Fluorescence Illumination Light Source Metal halide lamp (pre-centered design), average lifetime 2,000 hours
Fluorescence/Phase Contrast Filter
  • U excitation (BP360-370 BA420-460 DM400) Equivalent to U-MNUA2
  • B excitation (BP460-495 BA510-550 DM505) Equivalent to U-MWIBA3
  • G excitation (BP530-550 BA575IF DM570) Equivalent to U-MWIG3
  • Projection phase contrast plate (automatic switching)
Camera Type Single-panel color CCD pixel shift type
Imaging Sensor 2/3 size (inch), 1.45 megapixels (Total number of pixels: 1.5 megapixels), Peltier cooling (Max: Tamb-10°C)
Effective Image Resolution 4080×3072 (12.5 megapixels), 2040×1536 (3.1 megapixels), 1360×1024 (1.4 megapixels), 680×512 (350,000 pixels), 2x2 binning; 680×510 (350,000 pixels), 4×4 binning; 340×250 (85,000 pixels)
Sensitivity Equivalent to ISO 200/400/800/1600
A/D Converter 12-bit per channel
Display Frame Rate Max. 15 frames/sec. (at live image size of 1360×1024)
Interface IEEE 1394 cable, Proprietary camera cable
OS Windows Vista Business SP1 (32bit)
Dimensions Height 476mm×Width 388mm×Depth 583mm
Weight Approx 35kg
Operating Environment +10 to +35°C/35 to 80%RH (no condensation), Pollution degree: 2 (in accordance with IEC60664),
Input Power/Power Consumption
  • Installation (overvoltage) category: II (in accordance with IEC60664)
  • AC 100-120/220-240V 50/60Hz 2.5A/1.2A
Optional Equipment
  • UPLSAPO60xO*1 NA1.35 (For oil immersion) (26x to 120x with optical zoom)
  • LCACHN40xPHP*2 NA0.55 (For plastic vessel) (17x to 80x with optical zoom)
Fluorescence Mirror Unit Accepts installation of additional UIS2 filter cube (Exclusive use of up to 3 filter cubes for 3 fluorescence imaging channels)

*1 Not available for phase contrast, selection of start position, macro image framing, automatic focus and stitching images.
*2 Not available for ultra violet fluorescence and automatic focus.

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