cell^TIRF Motorized Multicolor TIRF

The Olympus cell^TIRF illuminator offers four motorized channels for simultaneous image capture. Intuitive software control of TIRF parameters allows instant setting and confirmation of TIRF angle and seamless transition back and forth to widefield fluorescence. With the cell^TIRF illuminator, each laser wavelength is optimally focused and each angle is individually set, allowing different wavelengths to have the same penetration depth. Users can preset calculated penetration depths for all lasers with a single mouse click; the system will individually adjust each laser’s angle to simultaneously capture TIRF information from all channels.
Product Image
1069 Sample Image 1 1069 Sample Image 2


  • The only 4 line system with true simultaneous acquisition
  • Motorized control of TIRF angles
  • Precise adjustment of incident angle
  • Software calculation of penetration depth
  • Software based laser attenuation
  • Integrated Point FRAP optics for 1st laser line
  • Seamless widefield/TIRF switching
  • Four dedicated TIRF lenses, worlds highest NA of 1.65 as well as the unmatched 150x objective
  • Includes 450nm - 640nm laser systems
  • Flexibility to select your optimal wavelength
  • TIRF and widefield or 100% widefield with 340nm Transmission
  • With 25mm filter access for each laser line
  • Adjustable field stop for each laser line
  • Rigid single billet Aluminum frame
  • Single molecule and membrane research
  • Fully adjustable field stop for each laser line
  • BX3 fits meDP80
  • special promoLV200
  • VS120 Slide Systemfvmpe_rs
  • Specialty Objectives Imaris by Bitplane
  • CX22cellsens Digital Imaging Software