cellSens Digital Imaging Software for Research Applications

The Olympus cellSens platform creates a uniquely personal and intuitive imaging experience based on your preferred workflow. With cellSens you have full control over the display and placement of icons, toolbars and controls to simplify your desktop and enhance your productivity.

cellSens is easy to use, powerful and flexible. Tailoring the software to your budget and imaging applications is easy with its modular design. As your research needs evolve, cellSens grows with you.
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Layout User experience customization X X X
View Overlay mulitple images X X  
Document groups for side-by-side image comparison X X X
Movie playback X X X
The view (mulitple images in a single data set shown side by side) X X X
Slice view for orthogonal plane viewing of 3D or time-lapse data sets X    
Voxel view for isosurface and volumetric rendering of 3D and 4D data sets X    
Image Acquisition Snap/movie acquisition X X X
Time-lapse at specified interval X X  
Automated multi-wavelength X Multichannel Acquistion  
Z-Stack X    
Multi-dimensional (xyzt and wavelength) X    
Graphical Experiement Manager X    
Manual assisted panoramic imaging (manual MIA) X Manual Process  
Multiposition acquisition and stage navigator Multiposition    
Automated panoramic imaging (auto MIA, requires motorized stage) Multiposition    
Instant EFI image (manual or mortoized Z) X Manual Process  
Simultaneous multi-color imaging (image splitter needs) Ratio/High End Device    
Live deblurring X    
High Dynamic RangeImaging (HDRI) X    
Multi-well Plate Acquisition Well Plate Navigator Multiposition    
Image Processing Geometry/combine/filter processing X X  
Fluorescence unmixing X    
Deblurring (No/Nearest Neighbor, Wiener Filter) X    
Kymogram X    
2D deconvolution (constrained iterative deconvolution) X    
3D deconvolution (constrained iterative deconvolution) CI Devonvolutin    
Imaging Analysis Region and line measurements X X  
Phase analysist X    
Objective analysis and classification Count & Measure    
Interactive measurement X X X
Intensity plot over time/z X    
Colocalization X    
Object Counting (Manual) X X  
Online Ratio and Kinetics Ratio    
Ratio Analysis (off-line) X    
Documentation and Collaboration Automatically compose word reports X    
Database image and data management solution for microscopy Database Core Database Core  
Save and load images/documents from database Database Client Database Client Database Client
Remoting Remote Live Image Viewing NetCam NetCam  

* Three points angle, four points angle, arbitrary line, closed polygon, polyline and perpendicular line only.

Products with confimed functionality Dimension Standard Entry
Olympus Camera DP20*1, DP21, DP22, DP25*2, DP26, DP27, DP70*1, DP71*2, DP72*2, DP73*3, DP80*3 X X X
Microscope BX43, BX53, BX63, BX61., BX61WI, IX83, X73, IX83, SZX16A X X  
IX81-ZDC, IX81-ZDC2, IX3-ZDC X    
Peripherals BX3-SSU, IX3-DSU, IX2-DSU, U-CBF X    
Motorized XY stage BX3-SSU, IX3-SSU Multiposition    
Olympus Soft Imaging Solutions Camera CC12, F-View II, Colorview I, Colorview II, Colorview III, Colorview IIIu,
XM10, XC10, XC30, XC50, UC30, UC50, SC20, SC30, SC100
Peripherals cell^TIRF (multi-line, single line), MT20, USB-ODB converter,
Real Time Controller (U-RTC and U-RTCE), U-FCB
Hamamatsu Camera Orca R2 (C10600-10B), Orca 03 (C8484-03G), Orca 05 (C8484-05G),
Orca ER (C4742-95-12ER), Orca Flash 2.8
ImagEM C9100-13, ImagEMX2(C9100-23B), ORCA-Flash 4.0 V2(C11440-22CU),
ORCA-Flash 4.0 LT
High-End Camera    
Q-Imaging Camera MicroPublisher 3.3 RTV, MicroPublisher 5 RTV X X  
Monochrome: Exi Blue/Aqua, RETIGA (Exi, SRV, 2000R, 2000RV, 4000R,
4000RV, 6000_mono) QIClick plus RGB slider
Color : Exi Aqua X    
OptiMOS, Rolera Thunder High-End Camera    
Photometrics Camera CoolSNAP HQ2 X    
Evolve 512 Delta High-End Camera
Image Splitter Dual View DV2/QuadView QV2 Ratio/High End Device
Andor Camera iXon X3 897, iXon Ultra 897, Zyla4.2 (Camera-link), Zyla5.5(USB3.0) High-End Camera    
Jenoptik Camera ProgRes C3, ProgRes C5 X X  
Vincent Associates Shutter Uniblitz shutter (VCM-D1, VMM-D1, VMM-D3) X X  
CoolED Light Source precisExcite (pE-1, pE-2) X    
Lumen Dynamics Light Source X-Cite 120 PC, X-Cite exacte, X-Cite XLED1 X    
Sutter Light Source Lambda DG4 X    
Shutter, FW Lambda 10-3/10-B X    
Prior Motorized XY stage Proscan (I, II, III), Optiscan Multiposition    
Shutter, FW, Z-drive Proscan (I, II, III), Optiscan II X  
Motorized XY stage NanoScanZ NZ100 X  
Ludl Motorized XY Stage Mac 6000 Multiposition    
Shutter, FW, Z-drive Mac 6000 X
Objective Imaging Motorized XY stage controller Oasis 4i Multiposition    
Z-drive controller Oasis 4i X
Märzhäuser Motorized XY stage Tango Multiposition    
Z-Drive controller Tango Multiposition
Physik Instrumente Piezo Z (control via Real Time Controller) PIFOC P-721 High-End Device    
Yokogawa CSU CSU-X1 High-End Device    
*1 DP20/70 does not support Windows7 64bit, Windows 8/8.1 32bit/64bit.
*2 DP25/DP71/DP72 does not support Windows8/8.1 32bit/64bit.
*3 DP73/80 support only Windows7/8/8.1 64bit.
Compatible image formats
Read and write

JPEG, JPEG2000, TIFF, BMP, AVI, PNG, VSI (Virtual slide image),

Read Only GIF, PSD (Adobe Photoshop), TIFF (DP-BSW, FSX100, MetaMorph), OIF/OIB (Fluoview format), Cell, STK (MetaMorph), MRC (Medical Research Council)
Recommended System Requirements
OS Microsoft Windows 8.1 Pro (32-bit/64-bit), Microsoft Windows 8 (32-bit/64-bit) Pro, Microsoft Windows 7 (32-bit/64-bit) Ultimate with SP1, Microsoft Windows 7 (32-bit/64-bit) Professional with SP1
OS Language English, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, German, Russian (only for Entry and Standard) and all others with English like alphabet
CPU Intel Core i5, Intel Core i7, Intel Xeon Recommended for high speed image acquisition: QuadCore
RAM 4 GB Recommended for high speed image acquisition: 8GB or more only on Windows7 64-bit operating system
Graphic Card 1280x1024 (min. 1024 x768) monitor resolution with 32-bit-video card with separate graphics memory (no integrated graphics processor with shared memory)
Port USB 2.0 port to connect devices to the system Fire Wire A to connect devices to the system (BX61, IX81, SZX2-MDCU, IX3-DSU etc...) Serial (RS232) to connect devices to the system (BX61,
IX81, SZX2-MDCU etc...) Additional PCI/PCIe slots as necessary to connect third party peripherals (principally third party cameras) with proprietary interface cards
HDD 1 GB for installation Performance of hard disk is a limiting factor for image acquisition speed Recommended for high speed image acquisition: Solid State Drive (SSD)
Drive DVD drive (Read: DVD-R DL)
Web Browser Recommended for Windows 7: Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.0, 9.0, Recommended for Windows 8: Microsoft Internet Explorer 10, Recommended for Windows 8.1: Microsoft Internet Explorer 11

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