XM10 / XM10-IR Monochrome Camera

The XM10 monochrome camera delivers high signal-to-noise and rapid frame rate for a wide range of research imaging applications at an attractive price. Complete integration with new Olympus cellSens® software ensures exceptional ease-of-use in manual or automated image acquisition.
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Value and performance for fluorescence imaging

The XM10 camera line employs the industry standard Sony® ICX285 AL CCD providing superb sensitivity and linearity. There is no better choice for researchers balancing budget demands with the need to perform quantitative fluorescence imaging research.

Combined with the world-renowned Olympus UIS2 optics, the XM10’s 1.4 million pixels (6.45µm, square) yield images of amazing resolution and detail. Whether working with live or fixed tissue, the XM10’s efficiency yields excellent signal-to-noise ratios at up to 15 frames per second.

XM10 for monochrome brightfield imaging

An infrared (IR) cut filter is standard in the XM10. With a steep cut off at approximately 740nm, this filter prevents detection and acquisition of infrared wavelengths during brightfield imaging.

For customers wishing to capture longer wavelength images, as in IR-DIC electrophysiology applications, the XM10-IR is available without the IR cut filter, greatly enhancing the camera’s sensitivity at wavelengths beyond 740nm.


  • Fully integrated into Olympus cellSens® software for maximum ease of use
  • Multiple binning modes for enhanced sensitivity and frame rate
  • Live shading correction for brightfield and fluorescence imaging
  • Peltier cooling for low-noise operation
  • Available in standard and IR versions
  • Integrated Sony ICX285 AL CCD for proven reliability and performance
  • IEEE1394 Connection for ease of installation

Sony® is a registered trademark of Sony Corporation
cellSens is for research and educational use only.

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