XM10 / XM10-IR Monochrome Camera

The XM10 monochrome camera delivers high signal-to-noise and rapid frame rate for a wide range of research imaging applications at an attractive price. Complete integration with new Olympus cellSens® software ensures exceptional ease-of-use in manual or automated image acquisition.
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Image Sensor Monochrome CCD
Sensor Type Sony® ICX 285AL
Sensor Size 2/3 inch
Resolution (max.) 1,376 x 1032
Pixel Size 6.45µm x 6.45µm
Data transfer IEEE1394a
Partial readout Yes
Readout noise <10e-
Acquisition plateform* cellSens®
Cooling System Peltier 10°C at 25°C ambient
Readout speed 24.5 MHz
Binning 2X, 4X, 8X
ADC 14 bit
Exposure time 0.1ms-160s
Live Frame Rates* 15 fps at 1,376 x 1,032
26 fps at 688 x 516
33 fps at 344 x 258

*Asynchronous (movie) mode
Sony® is a registered trademark of Sony Corporation
cellSens is for research and educational use only.

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