IX81-ZDC2 Zero Drift Motorized Inverted Microscope

Based on our versatile IX81 motorized inverted microscope, our new ZDC2 Zero Drift continuous autofocus system keeps samples in sharp focus during demanding live cell imaging applications such as TIRF and calcium imaging, even when adding reagents during the course of an experiment.
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Focus drift during time-lapse imaging results in loss of contrast, yielding “blurry” images with little information. Thermal changes that cause expansion and contraction of microscope components are the primary cause of focus drift. These thermal changes can be caused by placing a warm sample on a room temperature stage, or by the heating and cooling system in the laboratory. However, the relationship between the sample and its substrate is very stable. The ZDC2 Zero Drift autofocus system takes advantage of this stable relationship and utilizes a non-destructive IR laser to continuously maintain the sample position and focus during short or long term time-lapse imaging, even while adding reagents. The system can also maintain multiple focus planes for multi position time-lapse imaging in multi well plates or other multi sample formats. The IX81-ZDC2 Zero Drift motorized inverted microscope is an essential tool for live cell imaging, allowing you to generate sharp, crisp time-lapse images every experiment.

Contact your local microscope representative to upgrade your existing IX81 microscope or to design an IX81-ZDC2 Zero Drift live cell imaging system tailored for your needs.

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