BX63 Motorized Microscope

The BX63 delivers high performance automated microscopy for research applications. The fixed stage design and focusing nosepiece provide an exceptionally stable specimen surface for greater reproducibility in imaging experiments. Personalize your BX63 system by selecting the components that meet your needs. Then choose how you will control them – through the intuitive interface of the Touch Panel Controller, the tactile button and drive-by-wire feel of the remote control module, or add cellSens® software for complete PC-based control of your entire imaging experience.

The BX63. Your Image. Your way.

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The BX63 features a motorized focus and field diaphragm. LED lights clearly indicate the condition of the observation method (i.e. transmitted light intensity, shutter position, observation method in use, mirror position). The BX63 is ready to accept the proprietary color-balanced Olympus LED lamp house or, with an adapter, a halogen lamp house may be attached. All motorized components can be controlled through the Touch Panel Controller, or through cellSens software.


The BX63 readily accepts a 7-position motorized nosepiece that comes equipped with a DIC slider slot. Install Olympus UIS2 objectives for maximum performance of your system.


The NEW ultrasonic stage for the BX63 delivers high precision X-Y control of your specimen. The BX3-SSU mounts to the frame in a triplex mounting configuration for remarkable stability and improved imaging reliability. Use either the X-Y controller unit, the Touch Panel interface or cellSens software to easily position your specimen.


The Touch Panel Controller (TPC) allows you to easily configure, manage and control the operation of the BX63 system.


The remote focus unit allows you to truly customize your workspace. Move it to where you are most comfortable - in front of the microscope or in front of the computer monitor - for maximum efficiency. Attach the X-Y stage controller to the bottom of the focus unit to create your personal command center - change objective positions, observation modes, turret positions, light intensities, even snap an image - at your fingertips.


The 8-position motorized fluorescence illuminator enables researchers to readily change filter cubes without tools (click in, click out), and features a fly's-eye lens array for improved evenness of illumination of your specimen.


The optional motorized attenuator wheel (6-position neutral density wheel) can be attached to either the fluorescence or transmitted light path, and allows easy management of light intensity that reaches the specimen.


The new motorized universal condenser integrates optical components to accommodate a variety of transmitted light observation methods such as DIC (differential interference contrast) and phase contrast. Control the turret rotation, top lens position and polarizer position with either the Touch Panel Controller, cellSens software, or with the front-mounted buttons.


cellSens is intended for Research and Educational Use only.

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