The VS120-S5 effectively brings imaging and microscopy closer together, creating an advanced and highly versatile “virtual slide”, a high-resolution image of the whole specimen.  By generating an exact copy of the specimen, users can view and analyze samples regardless of their proximity to the microscope. Virtual slides can be stored electronically on a central server, and viewed around the world instantly.
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The VS120 scanners are used for a wide variety of applications in fields of clinical research, veterinary pathology, pharmaceutical research and biological research.  Documentation and preservation of tissue sections and sensitive cell cultures have been made available by the VS120 scanners and we encourage you to contact your sales representative to see if your research could benefit from whole slide imaging.

Examples of VS120 Applications:

  • Slide Archival
  • Slide Conferencing (through Net Image Server)
  • Medical Student Education
  • Histology and Cellular Biology
  • Archival
  • Brain Mapping
  • Brain Research
  • Dental Bone Regeneration
  • Pancreatic Research
  • Spinal Cord Research
  • Heart/Kidney Research
  • Respiratory Research
  • Cancer Research
  • Toxicology

Not for Clinical Diagnostic use.

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