Olympus VS120 Fluorescence Virtual Microscopy System

The VS120 virtual slide system can be used with fluorescent samples, giving a completely unique perspective – a slide recorded in full fluorescence can be thoroughly examined without any risk of bleaching or damage to the cells. All VS120 fluorescence system components are designed to interact seamlessly, producing a fully automated, high-speed multi-channel fluorescence scanning system with excellent flexibility and simple operation.
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Award 2012

The Olympus VS120 virtual slide scanning system has earned three top awards at the second International Scanner Contest (ISC) in Berlin, Germany.

The VS120 earned First Place awards in the important categories of Color and Precision, Fluorescence 20x and Fluorescence 40 at the second International Scanner Contest (ISC). The ISC awards were announced at the 24th European Congress of Pathology in Prague in September, 2012.


Configured with high-speed, 8-position excitation and emission filter wheels, the VS120-FL provides increased flexibility in the choice of fluorochromes. Individual configuration of each of the color channels helps to ensure the optimum focus for each channel. Automated fluorescence scanning is available for all VS120 models.


All functions of the of the VS120-FL scanning software are presented via an intuitive, easy-to-use interface. The user is guided step-by-step through the virtual slide acquisition process by an intuitive Scan Wizard. The acquisition process starts with generating a brightfield or fluorescence overview image of the entire slide. It includes automatic detection of the specimen to avoid time-consuming scanning of areas where there is no sample on the slide. As a second step, the high magnification scan is automatically performed over the whole slide, or over small ROIs using the pre-selected objective. During acquisition, hundreds of individual fluorescence images are simultaneously compressed without any loss in quality and are stitched together to create seamless, magnified version of the slide.


A virtual image created by the VS120 is displayed without a delay on the screen while being scanned and can be immediately viewed without affecting the acquisition.


During fluorescence image acquisition, an on-line deblurring algorithm can be activated, effectively removing much of the out-of-focus fluorescence signal, greatly improving the quality and clarity of the captured image.


A VS120 outfitted the VS120-FL is capable of scanning multiple large specimens in Z-planes.  At each ROI, the software acquires series of fluorescence images at various focus positions, and these fluorescence Z-stacks are stored within the images.


Within the Fluorescence Expert Batch mode previously saved settings can now be applied to a single slide scan, or to selected slides within the batch. Since the fixed exposure time from the entire scan is used for the batch scan, this mode is only applicable when scanning a series of slides with comparable fluorescence intensity, e.g. for quantitative comparisons.


Users interested in the VS120-FL can now choose between two well known robust monochromatic cameras.  In addition to the 14-bit monochromatic Olympus XM10 CCD camera, the VS120-FL is now also available with the 16-bit Hamamatsu ORCA-R2.  

Not for Clinical Diagnostic use.
ORCA is a trademark of Hamamatsu Photonics K.K.

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