Olympus VS120 Fluorescence Virtual Microscopy System

The VS120 virtual slide system can be used with fluorescent samples, giving a completely unique perspective – a slide recorded in full fluorescence can be thoroughly examined without any risk of bleaching or damage to the cells. All VS120 fluorescence system components are designed to interact seamlessly, producing a fully automated, high-speed multi-channel fluorescence scanning system with excellent flexibility and simple operation.
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VS120-Fluorescence Hardware

  • Dual cameras support brightfield and fluorescence
  • Two monochromatic camera options: Olympus XM10 and Hamamatsu ORCA®-R2
  • Olympus reflected light illuminator with a fly-eye lens
  • X-Cite® exacte (Lumen Dynamics) Light Source
  • Fast excitation filter wheel (8-position, standard 25mm filter holders) with 6 position motorized dichroic filter holder
  • Comes standard with Sedat Quad filter set(additional filter sets available)

VS120-Fluorescence Software

  • Additional wizards dedicated to fluorescence acquisitions
  • Real-time single-plane deconvolution of acquired images (Online Deblur)
  • Seamless stitching
  • Virtual Z-Acquisition
  • Fluorescence Batch Scan
  • User defined acquisition parameter sets (Scan Projects), easy multi user acquisitions and true standardized scans for quantitative analysis
  • Fluorescence autofocus channel selection (e.g. autofocus on DAPI, scan on FITC+TRITC)
  • Independent z-offsets for each fluorescence channel, based on found focus at each position
  • Independent Shading Correction for each fluorescence channel

VS120, Hamamatsu ORCA R2 are not for clinical diagnostic use
ORCA is a registered trademark of Hamamatsu Photonics K.K.
X-Cite is a registered trademark of Lumen Dynamics Group Inc.


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