BX53 Motorized Microscope

The new BX53 Motorized upright microscope can be equipped with any or all of the following motorized accessories: a motorized objective nosepiece, a motorized fluorescence filter cube turret, a motorized transmitted light condenser and a motorized attenuation wheel for fluorescence excitation. A handset or optional cellSens® software control permits the synchronous operation of the motorized accessories for accurate and easy microscope operation.
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Microscope Frame Optical System UIS2 optical system
Focus Vertical stage movement: 25 mm stage stroke with coarse adjustment limit stopper, Torque adjustment for coarse adjustment knobs, Stage mounting position variable, High sensitivity fine focusing knob (minimum adjustment gradations: 1 μm)
Illuminator Built-in Koehler illumination for transmitted light, Light preset switch, Light intensity LED indicator, Built-in filters (LBD-IF, ND6, ND25, optional), 12 V 100 W halogen bulb (pre-centered)
Revolving Nosepiece Interchangeable reversed quintuple/coded quintuple/sextuple/septuple/coded septuple nosepiece
Observation Tube Widefield (F.N. 22)
  • Widefield tilting, telescopic and lifting binocular
  • Widefield tilting trinocular
  • Widefield trinocular
  • Widefield erect image trinocular
  • Widefield tilting binocular
  • Widefield tilting,Telescopic,Lifting binocular tube
  • Widefield ergo binocular
  • Widefield binocular
Super Widefield (F.N. 26.5)
  • Super widefield trinocular
  • Super widefield erect image trinocular
Stage Ceramic-coated coaxial stage with left or right hand low drive control: with rotating mechanism and torque adjustment mechanism, optional rubber grips available (Non stick grooved coaxial, plain, rotatable stages are also available)
  • Abbe (N.A. 1.1), for 4x-100x
  • Swing out Achromatic (N.A. 0.9), for 1.25x-100x (swing-out: 1.25x-4x)
  • Achromatic Aplanatic (N.A. 1.4), for 10x-100x
  • Phase contrast, darkfield (N.A. 1.1), [phase contrast: for 10x-100x, darkfield: for 10x-100x (up to N.A. 0.80)]
  • Universal (N.A. 0.9), for 1.25x-100x [swing-out: 1.25x-4x, with oil top lens:(N.A. 1.4)]
  • Low (N.A. 0.75), for 2x-100x(Dry)
  • Ultra low (N.A. 0.16), for 1.25x-4x
  • Darkfield dry (N.A. 0.8-0.92), for 10x-100x
  • Darkfield oil (N.A. 1.20-1.40), for 10x-100x
Fluorescence Illuminator
  • Multi-purpose coded type (F.N. 22, 8-position mirror unit turret, 4-position ND slider)
  • Economical type (F.N. 26.5, 8-position mirror unit turret)
Fluorescence Light Source
  • 100W Hg apo lamp housing and transformer
  • 100W Hg lamp housing and transformer
  • 75W Xe lamp housing and transformer

*The U-CBM is designed for the BX3 use in industrial environments for the EMC performance (IEC61326-1 Class A device). Using it in a residential environment may affect other equipment in the environment.


Operating Environment
  • Indoor use
  • Ambient temperature : 5° to 40°C (41° to 104°F)
  • Maximum relative humidity : 80% for temperatures up to 31°C (88°F), decreasing linearly through 70% at 34°C (93°F), 60% at 37°C (99°F), to 50% relative humidity at 40°C (104°F)
  • Supply voltage fluctuations : Not to exceed ±10% of the normal voltage

*This device is designed for use in industrial environments for the EMC performance (EC61326-1 Class A device). Using it in a residential environment may affect other equipment in the environment.

  • BX3 fits meDP80
  • special promoLV200
  • VS120 Slide Systemfvmpe_rs
  • Specialty Objectives Imaris by Bitplane
  • CX22cellsens Digital Imaging Software